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    • Please fillout these strawpolls to work on a better JR experience

      Welcome to my data harvesting project. Because we want to offer the best experience possible at JR, we need to crowd-source data to understand what you guys want and give us feedback on what you think will improve our services. The easiest way for us to improve our service is to know what you as a user will want to have added to JR. Continuous development is the only way a community site like this can grow. Because of this, we will need to know why you personally use JR and what you feel would be a great addition to our services, I have created two straw polls for you guys to fill out and contribute to the legacy and development of the community. First Strawpoll: Why do you use the JR forums ? http://strawpoll.me/4615089 Second Strawpoll: What next step do you want to see first on JR? http://strawpoll.me/4615186 Suggestions left here can be added to a monthly straw poll, highest rated "straw" gets added to the next months poll. Please add the Tag [idea] to the title.