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  • Welcome to JR!

    JR is a gaming and tech focused community that has been running since 2008. We run some dedicated servers and we play many different games. Join us and join in the fun :D 

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    • JR ARK - It's back ;)
      After a big absence welcome back JR ARK !

      ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game with dinosaurs.

      Going to join us?


      New server and map as of this post, please bear with us as we tweak the server to improve it for all.

      IP is: r2d2.jrnetwork.net:27015


      Mod list for our ARK server chosen by our admin Emma ! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/...


      Need help? Join us here and ask in our community forum here: https://jrnetwork.net/forums/

      Need urgent help? Discord us at https://discord.jrnetwork.net
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    • Discord - How to Join and News
      Due to the recent spam we have disabled normal users to create invite links on JR, If you want a friend to join JR Discord please get them to go to https://discord.jrnetwork.net

      While they are required to sign up to the JR website this will stop a lot of this silly advertising DM spam we are getting. 

      We recommend not doing this back to the server in question that is causing this spam, we just want the spam to stop and NOT to cause a war between communities.

      Also don't forget we are still here, While our website is not as active our Discord is always busy. I watch the website on a daily basis if an issue comes up but if you want a quicker response our Discord chat may get you a community member quicker.


      Enjoy your gaming, Game On!

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    • Valheim
      JR has started to host Valheim servers for our members. So far our main Valheim server has been rather popular, due to the small size of the servers we will be setting up a few more for our community.

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    • Updates to JRCraft
      Sorry it's been nearly a week without an update.

      I have done the following this morning thanks to suggestions from users:

      Updated Jobs

      Updated DailyRewards System

      Updated Economy Plugin

      You can now buy claim blocks. Each block will cost 20 JRCash (minecraft)

      Bag of gold is not used anymore for killing mobs, you instantly get money in to your account.

      Installed marriage plugin. You can now marry players in game

      Installed feelings plugin, /feelings

      Updated TAB List with changes

      Removed Rank from tab list as it wasn't working

      Updated PaperSpigot

      Updated Waterfall

      If you have any suggestions please suggest them here http://suggest.jrnetwork.net/
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    • Quests?
      We once started working on Quests years ago, but this never surfaced. Contrary to that we now have started working on quests which you can find around spawn. Only a few are setup due to testing, but it's something we are working on.

      Test out quests by starting at /spawn ! 

      In the last few days the following updates have taken place:

      Updated Spigot and Waterfall

      Installed Quests, Quests GUI

      Changed the way mob's are leveling, they now become harder as you leave spawn.

      Updated additional plugins we use.

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