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  • Welcome to JR!

    JR is a gaming and tech focused community that has been running since 2008. We run some dedicated servers and we play many different games. Join us and join in the fun :D 

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    • Server Migration
      As some of you gamers may have noticed we have been migrated and performing maintenance to all of our servers to bring them to a new server cluster. 

      This new infrastructure will be faster, more reliable and better backups are now in place. 

      While our old infrastructure was working fine it was aging and it started to cost more. We will be looking at reducing our IP usage soon as the price of IP Addresses are rising, this will mean some IPs will change. This is to reduce the amount of /30 blocks we currently have to singular IPs instead.

      We are also aware of an issue affecting 2 ark servers. All our current server statuses can be found at https://jrnetwork.net/servers

      Happy Gaming!
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    • Voting - JRCraft
      Show your support! If you love JR vote below  

      If you vote you will receive 5 diamonds for each vote!

      MineBrowse: https://minebrowse.com/server/771

      Planet Minecraft: https://pm.jrcraft.net/

      Minecraft Multiplayer: https://mp.jrcraft.net/

      MinecraftServers.org: https://ms.jrcraft.net/

      TOPG: https://topg.org/minecraft-servers/server-646941

      TopMinecraftServers http://topminecraftservers.org/vote/11566

      Minecraft.Buzz https://minecraft.buzz/vote/5730
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    • JRCraft - Updates 1.19.2
      We have pushed the latest updates for Minecraft and the following plugins:






      This should fix most issues caused by 1.19.2, Please let us know if there is further bugs
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    • JRCraft Updates
      @Chris, @N3RV3 & myself have been busy working around JR to resolve a few issues with our minecraft server JRCraft. We have been running JRCraft since 2011 and as an on going commitment to our community we will be pushing more frequent updates and new features. (watch this space). 

      Recent Updates

      Updated to 1.19.2.

      Updated plugins.

      Fixed reports plugin.

      Fixed god mode and multiple homes for premium users.

      Updated message of the day.

      Fixed libs disguises.

      Updated information at https://jrcraft.net

      Additional Info

      Recent update has killed every chat plugin for modded / bukkit minecraft servers. We will update ours when possible.

      PVP Toggle has broken due to this update, again this will be updated when possible
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    • Recent Minecraft Event
      It's been a week since the recent minecraft build event we had. I do apologise I've had a lot of personal things happen. Anyway enough about me. Last week we had a great minecraft event. Well done to the winners !

      Each user had 2 hours and was given the category hero, which could have been a person, a character or something that is considered legendary for someone.

      @Chris with his F1 car with redstone features (Won €20)

      @Benjamin Roberts with his hidden knight rider lair with added cars (Won a humble bundle  )

      There will be more of these events soon Check out some of the builds:
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      §c| §bJRCraft §c| §6(1.19.2) §c| §6Just Updated!
    • 5 days, 19 hours and 58 minutes

       Last Played Server
      §c| §bJRCraft §c| §6(1.19.2) §c| §6Just Updated!
    • 4 days, 10 hours and 48 minutes

       Last Played Server
      §c| §bJRCraft §c| §6(1.19.2) §c| §6Just Updated!
    • 0 days, 12 hours and 40 minutes

       Last Played Server
      §c| §bJRCraft §c| §6(1.19.2) §c| §6Just Updated!
    • 0 days, 2 hours and 22 minutes

       Last Played Server
      §c| §bJRCraft §c| §6(1.19.2) §c| §6Just Updated!
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    §c| §bJRCraft §c| §6(1.19.2) §c| §6Just Updated! 2
    JR TF2 Casual Server 0
    JR TF2 MVM - EU Dedicated 0
    [EU1] JC3MP @ JRNetwork.net 0
    JR Gaming - 7 Days To Die 0
    JR TF2 MVM - EU2 - Dedicated 0
    JR TF2 MVM - EU3 - Dedicated 0
    JR Gaming Cluster - Ragnarok - (v354.4) 0
    JR Gaming Cluster - Aberration - (v347.1) 0
    JR Gaming Cluster - Extinction - (v354.4) 1
    JR Gaming Cluster - Genesis 2 - (v347.1) 0
    JR Gaming Cluster - Fjordur - (v354.4) 0
    JR Gaming Cluster - Crystal Isles - (v354.4) 0
    JR Gaming Cluster - Crystal Isles (Beta) - (v345.23) 0
    JR Valheim 0
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