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    • 24/07/2019 tf2 event - winner
      I would like to thank all those who joined in for the event. It was definitely a blast. All that craziness, confusion and laughter, I'm definitely going to be looking for more of that. 


      Now as promised I did say that the best would get rewarded, as such I'd like to announce that the winner for this event is @Drake,Spyshit06.

      Played well with every single class, both offensively & defensively, was capable of pushing forward and assisting his team, while having fun with the rest of us.


      Thanks again & Congrats.
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    • Hey all, 

      I just wanted to make a short post to update you all that although it may seem that most items have been lost in ARK, don't worry! we're currently working to resolve this. 

      It seems that following from the recent Ark update, all server configurations have been wiped. However, we do have backups and will be reloading these later this evening. Until then, the server has been closed.


      Sorry for the inconvenience which this has caused and we'll update you once this has been resolved!
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    • Latest JR ARK Update
      We heard, we listened to all the comments about our recent ARK update, it was great to play ARK with you and I'll be on for an hour or so after this post.
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    • Changes To ARK
      We are making some major changes to our ARK servers, please understand what we have done is for the best of our servers and to bring new users in to JR.
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    • Recent Events at Conan
      Conan has been growing and attracting new players, which we are very happy about.

      A couple of things have come up and we need to outline a few rules about the server. Just a note in relation to the server game type, we are making the server PVE. We did have PVE Conflict but we have agreed for the mean time to make it just PVE. In the future when the server grows we might have conflict days where we fight against each other as a community.

      Have you played on our server yet? If not join us here: https://servers.jrnetwork.net/


      All rules / guidelines specific to Conan will be located here and will be available soon:


      Please note all JR rules apply to every service we run, you can find these rules here:

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