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    JR is a gaming and tech focused community that has been running since 2008. We run some dedicated servers and we play many different games. Join us and join in the fun :D 

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    • Updates to JRCraft
      Sorry it's been nearly a week without an update.

      I have done the following this morning thanks to suggestions from users:

      Updated Jobs

      Updated DailyRewards System

      Updated Economy Plugin

      You can now buy claim blocks. Each block will cost 20 JRCash (minecraft)

      Bag of gold is not used anymore for killing mobs, you instantly get money in to your account.

      Installed marriage plugin. You can now marry players in game

      Installed feelings plugin, /feelings

      Updated TAB List with changes

      Removed Rank from tab list as it wasn't working

      Updated PaperSpigot

      Updated Waterfall

      If you have any suggestions please suggest them here http://suggest.jrnetwork.net/
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    • Quests?
      We once started working on Quests years ago, but this never surfaced. Contrary to that we now have started working on quests which you can find around spawn. Only a few are setup due to testing, but it's something we are working on.

      Test out quests by starting at /spawn ! 

      In the last few days the following updates have taken place:

      Updated Spigot and Waterfall

      Installed Quests, Quests GUI

      Changed the way mob's are leveling, they now become harder as you leave spawn.

      Updated additional plugins we use.

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    • JRCraft Feature Update
      New Features:

      You can now revive players by holding shift when they get damaged

      Bees, Bees, Bees - Right click a bee and a GUI will show with new information and abilities ! 

      Friends system. Do you have a friend? Then add him using /friends 

      Mobs now have levels. Gone are your basic mobs! BEWARE they can be dangerous!


      Fixed the following issues:

      Chat not functioning correctly, we have switched from MultiChat to VentureChat due to our server setup

      Fixed issue with messaging, you can now PM other players as normal

      MobHealth not showing correctly.

      Fixed broken things within the mob arena

      Changed mob arena classes slightly

      Moved friends head in the inventory area 9 so you can manage your friends.

      Disabled mobrewards message while playing in mobarena spamming you saying you cant get mob rewards in mobarena

      Changed chat colors to white for normal global chat
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    • MobArena Returns!
      Guess what! We have just re-released mob arena. A big shout out to The original Collessum creator (its an old JR build) Bluemoonredsun and Nerve for helping to pull this off.

      Take a look at /warp mobarena to play  

      Mob arena is back!

      Spawn work was undertaken today

      You can now switch off PVP if you do not want to fight with the community (PVP is off by default to switch it on do /pvp) PVP will automatically switch on when you enter duel arenas. Please note there is a cooldown, if you switch on PVP you will need to wait 60 seconds to switch it off, this is to prevent misuse of the command.

      Red nametags now show you who has PVP on

      Updated Placeholder API
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    • Minecraft Updates
      Hi Guys,

      Just a few updates to fix a few bugs:

      Updated XConomy

      Disabled player mention

      Updated Multichat

      Updated MoreOres

      Updated mcMMO

      Updated Litebans

      Updated LibsDisguises

      Updated HomeGUI

      Updated HoloMobs Health

      Updated RewardsPro

      Updated PaperSpigot to the latest version

      Changed bungeecord to use Waterfall instead

      We will be looking at more features shortly to keep you entertained  
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