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  1. So here we are 2017 and I said I'd blog a small bit when I could!

    Recently work has been busy, with retail (especially technology retail) november onwards is busy very busy. I've survived black friday (black week) for another year. It was busy and it's funny how it used to be Christmas which was the busiest but now the tables have turned, November has the busiest week of the year instead of the last week to Christmas.

    Now it's January and things are getting quiet which is brilliant. I'm relaxing playing xbox every few days and I'm starting to get my head out of retail in to different areas when I'm outside work. What also helps is that I have a brilliant beautiful girl to look after me.

    Today has been a quiet day at work but I was really busy as managers were not in work people called in sick and I had to sort out the place. On coming home and I had a fight with the stair case and twisted my leg and arm which was fun but after that I cooked a brilliant BBQ pasta bake.

    So now chilling after the day and I'm going to work on small things on JR and I'm working on designing a new look for it :) I have updated JR's system to the latest so I can start working on the look and feel of things to improve them :)


    Anyway, that's everything I have to talk about tonight. I'll post another blog soon.....


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  2. Well, yesterday I couldn't get on a minecraft server until time for me to go to bed. Today I planned to get in a little time on minecraft after eating. I usually make me some dinner and watch some television since it is difficult to eat and do anything on minecraft. I have a tuner card in my computer. I got it because the cable company tries to force you to rent their equipment. They have it now so that you can only get about 20 channels unless you have some of their equipment. The cheapest you can get with their equipment is to get 1 cablecard. They have to let you use one of those for free, its a law. The cablecard doesn't do anything without something to put it into, so I went as far as I could with it. I bought a 4 tuner card that goes into my computer. The cable card gives me access to all the channels I pay for (over 200). My tuner card can allow me to watch and/or record up to 4 channels at one time. Sound like overkill? Not really, I have 2 televisions at other places in the house that can use the cablecard at the same time. That means 3 different things can be watched at the same time and a fourth can be recorded. Actually 3 recordings can be watched and 4 different channels recorded at once. (I tested it, it works well.) The reason I say that it isn't overkill is that tv stations like to put the best shows on at the same time. Needless to say, I have gotten used to having that kind of control over the television. Well today when I turned on the television, the computer was complaining about not having a tuner available to make a recording. I spent 2 hours reinstalling software, updating drivers and firmware, and restarting the computer numerous times with no effect. I spent an hour on the phone to the cable company to get them to reset my cable card. Still no good. Spent another hour submitting a trouble report to the manufacturer of the tuner card. Finally started using google for answers. 2 hours later I found another person who had the exact same symptoms. He also got about 12 different answers to his question. Fortunately for me, I had tried 11 of them. The one that I hadn't tried was the one that fixed it. Just a setting in device manager for the card. It was nearly 6 hours to find the answer. At least it wasn't broken, and I got it fixed the same day. :) But after writing this long winded story, I don't think there will be much time left for minecraft tonight.


  3. Alright, remember that time, a long time ago, when I was an admin? Yeah, a good amount of us do. And then I left, well I say I left. If you ask Jamie, he'll say I was demoted. Which is half right, as much as saying, "I resigned" is only half true. You see, near the end of my time as an admin, I realized that I don't want to do this anymore. It's not playing Minecraft anymore, it's a job. And at the time the server was a lot more populated, so problems were going on 24/7, and griefers were everywhere. I just wanted to play Minecraft, not stop an argument over who owns that dirt block. (Which was a real argument once.) So, when Jamie demoted me to mod, I said to myself, "Well, if this isn't the initiative to get out of dodge, I don't know what is." Because before, I was putting it off. "Meh, I'll ask next week," and so forth. And to be honest I was a really crappy and immature admin. I now know why there's an actual age minimum, so the server doesn't get another me wasting space. I was lazy, somewhat selfish and pretty cheaty, and I never told the other staff anything about me. All they ever got was my nickname, not even my full name, just my nickname. Nothing else. So after I got demoted to mod I asked about it and got citizen + (which sadly no longer exists). So Jamie's right, he demoted me and that got me to finally let it go, but I made that decision, to let it go. So we're both right. It was a collaborative effort, really. Now you may ask, "Why would you want to ever give admin, it's the best job ever!" Well I'm sure if you have the time and the dedication, it's a great time, but I'm not either of those. Now, I could have just hung around mod, but here's what would have played out: I would have hated Jamie for demoting me, and I'd slowly turn evil. Then I'd do something stupid to get me banned, and then I'd swear revenge on JRCraft and try to hack it and livestream it (You know who you are, Mr. "Let's hack JR and livestream it for the people of JR." But then again you're banned so I doubt you'll be able to read this.) There was a person who DID get banned it swore revenge and sometimes tries to DDOS the server, and he was an admin once. Basically, we all know the line, "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain." I don't want to be the bad guy, so I left.

    Now, this was brought up by someone who was complaining on the creative server about how he's super helpful and really nice and how he deserves admin but the age limit is stupid and he's totally ready... (You know who you are, too!) and was taking it out on me like it was my fault. I think it was because I crushed his dreams by speaking the truth, but the truth hurts, no way I could have sugar coated it for him... And then he tried to egg me on to say more to probably get me in trouble, but, one does not simply become an admin and not know how to handle an 11 year old with a temper not getting what he wants. So, HOPEFULLY, for those who actually READ the FORUMS will read this, understand the situation, and not have to ask. I mean, it's not like it was a terrible tragedy and I don't want to talk about it. If you ask, I'll tell you. I didn't have a great time and I didn't have the time, so I left. Simply as that. I would have put this in the Life of Iggy but this is online related. Online related goes in this blog. Real life is the Life of Iggy one.


    Oh, and here's some proof that I'm legit. To find it, go outside from the adminship, then take the first left. Then take a right at the first intersection, and a left at the next. Then go straight on until you hit the NPC museum. Once inside go to the stairs at the back of the entry room, and behind the stairs there's the semi-secret JR Crypt!

  4. Thought I'd just ramble for a bit, while I listen to Jamie rock & roll some over on Twitch, puts me in a happy mood ^_^

    For starters, I've rejoined the PNX staff, since I'm clearly still here for a while, and I think I could easily help around the PNX site and servers. I especially want to help with the theme/layout/color scheme of the PNX site, at least getting it to match the main site some in terms of looking clean rather than scattered.

    Why not return to JR? Well I'm still here - just not as staff. Staff members are those that have the time to volunteer their help, and while I could offer the time now, I can't play Minecraft anymore - it literally runs maybe at 2FPS on my system, yet I never see the CPU or GPU spike above 10% while it's running (and yes, I've tried the new launcher, doesn't make any difference there T_T).

    Simply, I can't play Minecraft, so I sure as shit can't offer my help on the server! But I could offer my help on the Steam Servers again, plus I've now got the time to.

    When I say 'I've got the time to', I mean that {Jamie starts playing "What I've Done" ^_^} I'm progressing nicely - when I stepped down from JR, and set on my current path, I weighed 280lbs. I have never weighed that much before in my life - and as an Eagle Scout that downright disappointed me.

    These days, I'm down to 240 - enlisting in the Air Force means I've gotta be under 200 (197 if you wanna get technical). But I'm clearly getting there. By the same token, I'm clearly not dropping pounds like crazy. Zistack suggested a good idea for it, but I couldn't stick to it (essentially fasting to force the excess fat and calories to burn off) since I'm still helping Dad around the part during the day when the rest of the kids are at school.

    But as I said, I'll be around - I've found a home in JR, and I like it here.

    Onto a different thought train, I do still want to get into the Air Force. Why?

    * I'm young, health, and single!

    * I wanna see the world (and not have to pay for it)!

    * I have debt following me, and they'll take care of a lot of it for me.

    * I'll get a paycheck while in Tech school, technically even during Basic though I won't have access to it right away.

    * For the length of the contract I sign, I'll have a guaranteed job!

    That's some basic reasoning. but like I said, I'm halfway there, and getting back into shape. Seems like it's taking a while, but considering it normally takes twice the time to drop weight that it does to put it on, and I had a year and a half put that weight on & have dropped half of it in 4 months, I'd say I'm well on my way! Only gets slightly easier as I go, so I figured I could start helping Caly with the PNX site/servers during the evenings!

    That's it for now, before I introduce a third point and just end up confusing myself, when I wanna go back to watching Jamie rock out! If you're reading this and it's still fresh (less than an hour or so), he might still be playing! http://www.twitch.tv/jrnetwork/new

    You know you wanna click it ;)

  5. Here are some pics of the project Christmas on JR network. Me, rocware and gnome are doing



  6. blog-0329270001354390000.pngHey guys!

    Since my last blog post, I've been playing on JR a lot more, that's good. I was even able to attend the staff meeting, so I could catch up on some of the new info. Since Minecon, I haven't been able to play on JR much since there are tests at school... I'm revising like mad for them.

    December is a really hectic month right now (timetable below), so I probably won't be on much. Yet I can guarantee that after the 27th, you'll see more of me.

    I've been working on a new YouTube channel, yet I won't be posting anything until the 27th. Please feel free to subscribe, I can guarantee quality content, since I'm (not really) OCD about that kind of stuff. I'm hoping to get a Blue Yeti microphone, so the sound quality will be awesome.



  7. Jamie
    Latest Entry

    By Jamie,

    It's been nearly a month since we posted our last development topic. While we haven't posted anything we have been rather busy.


    • Removed old JRCash system for a new system, This will allow products to be bought from the JR store in trade for JR Cash. Unfortunately this took away JRCash from minecraft, which we are working on to bring back as well as other servers
    • Tweaked mobile slightly
    • Added full steam integration. This shows what games you've been playing, what you are currently playing, if you are on or offline. To use this all you have to do is login with steam.
    • Added marketplace so users can trade JR Cash between themselves for virtual services or virtual goods.
    • Small nav UI Changes
    • Added custom images within the forum to make things a little more friendly


    • Added RUST
    • Added Ark: Survival Evolved and added mods:
      • Autotorch
      • Stackable foundations
    • Added JC2MP and added new mods:
      • Plane Reverse
      • Jobs (Drive people to locations for money)
      • Join Leave messages
      • Wingsuite (Double Tab shift)
      • AI Traffic, (Sea, Air and Road)
      • Added a gas system, when you run out of the gas the car doesn't move. There are many locations around the server to fill up (Gas stations)
      • Added a bank system so you can store your money even when the server resets
      • Chat bubbles, occur when you chat automatically
      • Scoreboard (Press alt)
      • Anti-spam and 10 minute announcement added to show users where JR is
      • Added Buy panel, you can buy items from the money you earn in jobs
      • Added better admin system

    Social Media Changes

    • Updated about page and small tweaks to facebook

    Server Changes

    • Moved to a faster better server to handle all that we host
    • Tweaked VM's resource usage
    • Updated all packages across all servers to latest versions
    • Working on PHP 7 on main server currently but at the moment we have tested and had a catastrophic failure. Hopefully we can resolve this issue soon to bring the latest in PHP for speed, stability and security to JR soon.
  8. So, my problem is that I'm having trouble sitting down and studying/learning Algebra. I have the brain power to do it, it's not like it's hard, I actually think it's fun sometimes! I'm just not motivated enough to do it. So, I was suggested to check out math games and stuff. It's all garbage! It's still the same problem, you just added a picture of a cat in the background! It's not any better! The only way to teach something to someone like me is to teach it, without the student knowing it.

    For example, I used to HATE typing. The class that was teaching us to type faster was horrible and boring and was just the worst. Then I came across JRCraft. I then went through the ranks and my need to type faster increased and I actually taught MYSELF how to type. Now I can type like it's nothing. I don't need to look at the keyboard or even the screen sometimes. I never would have learned that in school. I learned that by not knowing I was learning it.

    So, all the games are just a reskin of the problem, and it's crap. Why can't people understand this? I learned the basics of how economy works through Team Fortress 2's hat market! I can usually identify scams and sharking and that sort. I wouldn't learn this stuff in school. I think school's are failing by cramming knowledge into our heads instead of letting us experience the problem in a video game.

    That's all I wanted to say. I was just getting really fed up by these crap games.

  9. As many of you know or have realized, I have not been on JRcraft save for an hour now and then.

    I have been partially busy lately between reading 5 books for summer reading and a big-ass math packet or being with friends, but I've also been here replaying Maplestory, playing Tales of Graces, or other steam games. I try to get back into Minecraft, but every time I try, I get bored almost immediately. when I get on JR, I have to help, answer questions, and sometimes help but that's not the problem. I never have anything to do in between helping. I don't find It fun to play Minecraft anymore. I've been like this for over a month and I just don't find the fun in this.

    I ask that I be demoted @Jamie, until I get back into Minecraft. I will still be active on the forums, but will scarcely be on Minecraft. I hope you understand. I hope to see you all in due time. good luck everybody!

    (P.S. I do not wish to abandon JR. JR has grown in me since I joined, and It's like a home to me. I hope you all understand)

  10. It's time for another me blog!

    So this one isn't a normal me one actually, it isn't me fuming, it isn't me bragging. This one is me reflecting on how decisions can completely change everything.

    One thing goes back to December, about a week and a half before the new year. I'd been talking to this girl who I'd been friends with for a while then, but we'd been talking a couple months. During my trip to Paris/Lisbon I talked to her every night (over Facebook) until like 2 am Paris time (9 pm NY time, where she was.) I also made it a point to get her a poster of the skyline from on top of the Arc de Triumph. So to the point: a couple of days before Christmas break we were walking down the hall alone and I went, "Do you want to go out with me?"

    Now that I think on this I realize I went about it way wrong. I was too vague as I realized by her response, "Like on a date or out with you?"

    And again I made the mistake of a vague response "Umm.. Both." Now to this she said, "Sure!" Smile and all, but then a bit later texts me saying how she actually needed to think since I surprised her.

    The rest of the story is unnecessary for the purpose of what I'm getting at but the result of that was it was a no, but very close to being a yes. So now where I am I have been thinking on how would things be different if I'd gone about things differently, or if she'd responded differently.

    Fast forward to 3 months ago. I'm debating on who to take to prom which is about 2 months from then. If the girl (let's call her Kat (I don't want to write her actual name for obvious reasons)) had said yes, I most likely wouldn't have any question on who to ask. But where I was I had about 4 choices to try and ask: her, 2 friends in the grade below, or a girl my friend had introduced me to who I'd been talking to casually. I asked the girl my friend introduced me to since he knew I needed a date.

    What I'm saying here is that I wouldn't have met her if Kat had said yes, thereby I'd be down a pretty good friend right now.

    But this theory doesn't just apply to girls/boys. This applies to anything really such as tests or video games. On a test if you aren't 100% sure on an answer so you guess, and another question similar to that one pops up, you're likely to answer with a similar answer, or as similar as you can get (whether it be based on the formula you use, or the vocab you see) which either leads to you getting two questions right or two questions wrong.

    In video games this is seen ALL THE TIME. Whether it be in a game where you the choices effect the rest of the game, or if it's multiplayer. Let me make an example of the game I've been spending my time playing primarily: League of Legends.

    What happened was we had slain all but two of the enemy team, who were left at about half health, and were the support and the jungle, who mind you had no mana. So we came down to a choice: shove the inhib turret and maybe inhibitor, or go for Baron Nashor. I personally said we should go for turret due to the longer term game impact, as well as our 5/4 to 2 advantage, but the team believed Baron was more important. After this the game lasted another 35 minutes, with us narrowly scraping up the win.

    So if we'd taken our other choice, where would that game have ended up? Would we have won sooner? Would we have lost? It's impossible to know.

    I suppose what I'm saying is that since you'll never know what the alternate reaction to your choice is, believe in what you chose because for all you know, what you did get is better then what would've come by the other choice. Don't regret your choices because they make you who you are. Oh it's okay to regret your choice if you have a 50/50 chance of winning something amazing by calling like the left door when the car is in the right door.


    When it comes to women don't be vague.

    Don't regret choices they make you who you are.

    Unless you choose the left door when the car is behind the right door.

    Well there's my little rant :3 I've been thinking about this stuff a lot and just wanted to write about it.



    P.S. I'm probably gonna write another soon when graduation happens about forgetting people and such.

    P.P.S. I'm gonna proof read this when I'm on my computer, typed this on my iPod in notes during a 6 hour car ride.


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    Quote: 'I like chicks with big ****' - Dcrwon66 & 'Lttf I created Sexystuff' - Dcrown66

    Dcrown I'll miss you!! (/me Cry)

  12. So far we havent seen a huge amount of 1.4, however from what Docm77 has shown it seems to be pretty cruddy. Were going to get Potatoes and Carrots as a new crop, lame. Carrots give night vision which indicates a Nerf to the brightness settings and Potatoes give invisibility, which i guess means Jeb is running out of ideas. The new Boss i hate so far. Its The Wither and is a 3 headed Herobrine enderman cross. But heres the problem. It spawns randomly in the world, fireing bombs at all Passive mobs and destroys terrain like the enderdragon. Aka its a walking grief mob. If that thing gets to you village then bye bye villagers.

    I hate 1.4 so far, but i do like frames and Plant pots "Sarcastic woop"

  13. the following is the story of my trip to the USA, and what I though about the place

    to get to the USA we boarded a plane in Dublin were we landed 7 hour's later in New York but as they are 6 hour's behind it only actually took 1 hour, in New York we mainly walked around the large city of which was set out in a grid but despite this ordered arrangement new York was very hard to navigate through and all since of direction appeared lost which is odd as in non-ordered cities in the UK, the first time walking around them is done easily.

    in new York we where mainly there to see the famous building's, and place's like the empire state building and central park, whilst in the empire state building i bought a pocket watch of which I found rather nice

    we also went to several restaurant's such as the steak and stack of which make the best burger's I have ever tasted and we also ate at a subway of which was perhaps the best sub I have ever had.

    New York was very hot, with some day's being over 30 degree's Celsius all the time, and yet this never seem's to be seen in any movie's based in the city, were we where staying in Manhattan. I was also amazed to see so many different type's of people in this one area,

    but as we moved out to ''Amish'' country the population appeared to become less diverse the Amish are defined as people's who do not have electric, have never used a PC and down drive are use machinery, therefore I can say it's all lie's sure some go about in there horse and cart but they also go about in there car's, and use farming machinery and have fridge's and electric and have PC's and the internet and over charge everything and don't like answering question's, despite being famed for hospitality's and corporation

    so therefore it is fair to say these people are basically people who are just there to increase tourism, although they do have very funny name's for place's such as the town of ''intercourse'' and the school of ''leacock'' both real place's

    we then went on to Washington D.C in the capital were we stayed at a nice hotel called the capital Hilton which over looked the rather smaller than I imaged it white house, we saw many thing's whilst in Washington such as the ''senate'', the ''pointy structure'' and the Abraham memorial, it was very hot that day also and make's me wonder how american's do any work at all, and why so little have swimming pool's.

    america supposedly has a very obese population, but in all my time there I didn't actually see that many people that where over weight which appear's to me yet another myth about america busted, despite the recession america actually looked rather good with industry being built and infrastructure being improved. although the area known as ''Gary's town'' was very rough and dangerous with only the poorest resident's still living there, it reminded me of a person called Gary I know, this to me is his town.

    we finally stopped off in Chicago where we saw many building's such as the sear's tower and we had the best steak I have ever placed upon my tongue it was delicious and we ate it along the river front and then we went to the wedding of one of my cousin's of which was much more lively than most northern Ireland wedding's I have been to.

    the driving in america is terrible no one seem's to know how to actually drive and no one appear's to have any manner's whilst on the road compared to driver's back at home although there driving test is a lot simpler, just show up and you pass

    to sum up what I thought of america I would have to say it's the culture of Europe for the people of the world and is strangely a nice place if you aren't having to continuously travel

  14. I have been offline on JR Craft for nearly three months, and just yesterday I come back for the first time in a while. Today around 8:30 AM I decide to log-in and go mess around with my sand home I just built. I decided to go explore outside my home. Just then I saw some cobblestone that I have never seen before, so I automatically knew that where there was cobble, there were people. I followed it and saw light, so I went towards the light. I found a small semi-abandoned looking town. I decided to claim the area around it as Mayor to overwatch the small town. But apparently in the eyes of Staff Member Moorhead, that's not allowed? Now in the past I remember making a statement that "IF" and "When" a(n) person want's to claim an area, he/she must first mark of section off the area. Now currently as of now I did not claim anything, but I was just "Stating" that that was my notation of will. Now apparently since I was not claiming any item at the time, I was only "Stating" this, this is a infringement of my freedom of speech. Now past this time, I was talking to the Moderator Moorhead, and he/she said to me that he/she had the right to Moderate what actions I could do In-Game, as in claiming areas. Now I was not "Currently" claiming the area, but I was to have my freedom of speech to state why I think I could claim the area. He/she said no you don't and Froze my character. At this point he/she took a pickaxe and killed my character while setting off multiple lightning strikes in the air. I came to a point where I had to exit the game because I could not spawn. I re-join the game and I tell moor, "you will be hearing from me again" Moor then tells me I cannot "Argue" with staff, and that he has the right to "Kill anyone that is annoying the s*** out of him"

    All I wan't is for this abuse to be resolved, I have found this an annoyance in the past, and this is not something you wan't going on in the future with staff members like this treating new members of JR. Craft like s***. Thank you for your time.

    (If this is in the wrong section please move this, thank you)

  15. *sigh*

    So, after I get off work, most days I'll browse the forums, especially if I haven't gotten much of a chance to get on in the past few days. Most days I'm greeted by awesome updates from Jamie, or information on the next big thing on the server. But some days, I'm greeted by......well, pure, unadulterated genius.


    For the unflogged and uninitiated, the Advice Corner is where I post tidbits of information forwarded to you great people for the sole purpose of making your lives easier, and quite possibly the lives of everyone around you. I do so not demanding that you think or behave exactly as I do, instead simply to share life experiences and things that might make your day suck a little less.

    Discussion is encouraged, flaming is not, and especially in the case of things that are related to the JR community, I don't name names and *neither* *will* *you*. That way lies flamewars, and there will be none of that.


    Today we're talking about the much-vaunted concept of "freedom of speech".

    The term "freedom of speech" is pretty much what it sounds like. An individual is free to express his opinions and beliefs, whatever they may be, without fear of legal reprisal, and is protected from reprisal from outside entities under the law. Whether or not whatever is said offends people can be an important question, but legally, not relevant.

    Under this concept, an individual is in fact allowed to walk down the street proclaiming that Hitler was right and they are a walking jelly donut, destined to be eaten by the masses. Just because they can say it doesn't make it true, but they can say it without being accosted by the law, and are protected by the law from people seeking to do physical and psychological harm because of said comment.

    Like all basic freedoms, however, this one ends when it infringes on the rights of others. Pertinent example: Individual 'A' thinks the world is going to end. So he stands in the driveway of a house owned by individual 'B', demanding repentance from passersby. 'A' has the right to free speech, he can say whatever he wants. 'B' comes out of the house, and demands that 'A' leave. Who gets what they want?

    Since the property is owned by 'B', he has sovereignty on his own land. After asking 'A' to leave, if 'A' doesn't, he is infringing on 'B's right to sovereignty. While 'A's right to freedom of speech doesn't exactly end in whole, it does end in that particular spot, since standing where he was infringes on someone else's rights. He can still say whatever he wants, he just has to do it someplace else.

    Examples aside, let's boil down to the issue that prompted this wonderfully long speech: Free speech in Minecraft.

    Short version? Doesn't exist.

    Seriously, it doesn't. Players are no longer in their home, on their country's soil. They are on the "soil" of the owner of the server. As owner, he has sovereignty, and a player's freedom of speech doesn't apply on someone else's property. The player can say whatever he wants to at his house, or on the street, but then they aren't infringing on the rights of the property owner by spouting on his lawn.

    It's also not particularly intelligent to anger the people the owner has hired and given the express ability to determine when, where, and how to kick people off the lawn. Making sure the meaning of what's being said is clearly understood by both sides in a limited chat environment is very important, but I'll cover that next article.

    In short, try not to piss people off. Especially not the local law.

  16. Hey guys,

    My blog page is up and my first blog has been published so check it out. Original post 7931366.jpg?367

    Watch Dogs pre-order bonuses (it confuses me too)

    Pre-Order bonuses pretty much benefit everyone involved, outside the gamer.

    Developers and Publishers benefit since, well, people are buying the game before it is even released. For a AAA game succeed today, how much hype is built prior to release is about as important as the development itself. Naturally, most great games get loads of hype regardless, but there are many who have dropped far below what anyone was expecting, and much of the hype was built by those who created it.

    Battlefield 4 is an excellent example of the hype that is built, with pre-orders through the roof. The game looked great at E3 and having played the demo, I was fully expecting it to be one of the best Battlefields yet. I even pre-ordered a limited edition because I wanted it that bad, then came the release with 90% of players experiencing gamebreaking problems, which continue to this day 8 or 9 months later. Aliens: Colonial Marines is another great example, with people expecting great things after an excellent E3 demo they had the year before release. Loads of people were pre-ordering and was one of the most anticipated games that year, but again, the game was a horrible mess on release and even worse, was nothing like the demo shown at E3.

    Of course, most developers and publishers are not like that, but still do Pre-Order bonuses to help boost sales. I would even say that many developers feel pressured to do pre-order bonuses. For example, 4A Games 'full' version of Metro: Last light (published by Koch Media) did not have 'Ranger Mode' , but instead had it as $5 DLC that you get for free if you pre-order the game. Of course this did not go down well with the gaming community as this is, as they have said, "the way it was meant to be played", which is very much true as 'Ranger Mode' is a great survival mode, that in Metro 2033 was very much loved by the players. This was not a well thought out decision as they clearly did not prepare anything for it and rather on a whim used the mode for that purpose. If pre-order bonuses were not used as often as they were at the time, I doubt 4A would have even thought about it and released it fully. (ps. The game is great and I love it, do definitely check it out, especially if you can get it cheap).


    Alien: Isolation pre-order DLC bonuses

    Of course, most of us know who benefit the most out of this, and that is Gamestop. Not many other retailers promote pre-order DLC as hard as they do, and even recently said they would like to help FUND developers to make DLC specifically for pre-order! They make the large majority of these sales and with many games coming back which they can sell and profit off through 'used games' as all profit is theirs, and like I said above, developers and publishers have their own reasons for doing it.

    Pre-order DLC is not something that will go away, and in fact is only going to get worse. It is hard to find a AAA game that is not offering something for you commit early, and sometimes the consumer suffers for it. If there is money to be made, then it will become common business practice and something that we will have no choice but to put up with in the long run and we will continue to to buy it because we might not have much choice to if we want to play that game. Even I, who condemn pre-order dlc, has pre-ordered Dragon Age Inquisition and Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor because they look amazing to me and I need to have them (I buy a huge amount of games too).

    I am sure many of you have differing opinions on this, so please share them and give reasons as to why you think that.

    Note: This is my first large enough blog, so if you have any suggestions for me to improve it, let me know (in a constructive manner)! I am doing this mostly to improve my writing skills and the better it is for you, the better it is for me.

  17. Wavesludge
    Latest Entry

    So today I graduated school, 12 years done :D

    For a graduation present I got a new computer from my parents :D

    It's quite a big improvement in specs, and you can definately feel it when you use it.

    My last cmputer:

    Intel core 2 duo, 1.83 GHz

    2 cores

    2 GB DDR2 RAM

    Integrated intel family graphics


    New computer

    Second Generation Intel core i5, 2.50 GHz

    4 cores

    4 GB DDR3 SDRAM EDIT: Upgraded to 8 GB

    Intel HD Graphics Family


    As you can see, it's alot better :D


    Comparison between the two:

    I can play mc on the new computer with the highest settings with the same FPS as I did with the lowest optifine settings on the old computer o.O

  18. This was an interesting week :D

    We started class 6 by learning the structure of AJAX, wich its pretty simple and is like a recipe.

    What is AJAX?

    Is actually a library written in JavaScript not an entire new language. AJAX = Asinchronous Javascript And XML.

    What does it do?

    It does auto-refresh of your page, you have to give AJAX the page that has to be refreshed, and he takes care of calling it over and over again, Its mostly used for dynamic pages together with PHP.

    After that we learned a bit about MySQL, but not much, since we all knew SQL, and they are very similar, there is just some slight differences, if you want to learn it, is really simple.

    Then PHP, the language that makes a dynamic site work :D

    We learned about the language syntax and its behaviour.

    In Class 7 we continued with PHP, did some examples like "Hello World" (a classic), learned about the different variables in PHP, the local ones, created by the $ sign and the external, that are already created, and waiting to be loaded with data, this ones are: $_GET[], $_POST[], $_SESSION[] and $_COOKIE[][]. This external variables are arrays used to pass data from one page to another.

    The $_POST[] variable, only works with HTML forms, or AJAX, but what if you dont want to use a form, you want to use your own buttons?, then you can use the $_GET[] array, you can load it yourself by adding the data to the page address (ex: page.php?data = value&...), but its a security risk, since eveyone can see the data in the address bar, maybe for some data it doesnt matter, but what if you are making a login?, you dont want that data to be visible, this is were the $_SESSION[] is usefull, you use this array to make a login and keep the login open by passing the data in this array from one page to another.

    Then the teacher showed us how to reuse code.

    For example if you have the same menu in every page, instead of copying it in every page, you just do the code in a separate page (.html or .php) and you include it where you want it to be by using the php function include(url).

    There are different ways to include a file:

    include(): includes the file, but if it doesnt exist, the page continues to load.

    require(): includes the file, but if it doesnt exist, the page stops loading.

    A good programming practice is to add _once between the include/require and the (), that is to avoid a double include.

    We have 2 more classes, but now i can almost finish the project :D

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    So my day started off like it mostly do.. I woke up early, drank my coffee, and went out to wait for my mate who drives me to school every day. But because of the lovely snow that we just got, i had to wait an additional 20 minutes in freezing weather before he was able to pick me up.. Meh..

    I got to school, listened to the teacher for 20min, and then worked for around 3 hours, after finishing my work, i had nothing left to do all day, so i just waited the last 4 hours before i was able to finish school for today.

    I finally finished the day, and had to wait for my mate to drive me home again. But he finished school earlier today, so i had to take bus home instead. After waiting an hour for the bus, it finally arrived so that i was able to get home. After the bus had driven for 10min; the transmission died! And we had to wait 30min for the next one to arrive! God damnit.. Can my day get any worse?

  19. First off, this blog isn't meant to be negative, It's honest.

    Now, when I first came on JRcraft, one of the first things that clanged to my mind were "promotions." (NOT JUST promotions, this server is also crazy fun) I guess when I saw /warp rankmeup, I got cooky and excited about being promoted so quickly. I'll let you in on a secret, even though I run a server, I've never been promoted, really. So, I set a goal, to myself, that I try to be at least a helper one day, and that I would try my best not to ask for it, but to WORK for it.

    As I try my best, doing what ever I can to help people, I realized, it's actually pretty challenging to be a helper here. It's hard to get the staff to notice you. Even as the members I just helped say thank you, my name is still in green.

    Now, when I see 3 more members go on to become a helper, I feel disappointed, in myself.

    You might say, "You never helped" Well, I have. region protections, shops, anything that I can do, helping igbar with his castle and philly with the pantheon.

    Why haven't I been on so often? Well, I'm busy during the week, I got other things to do and never have time for minecraft at those times.

    However, my fellow JRcrafters, I HAVE set a goal, and I WILL try my best, to be helpful and trustworthy.

    Staff-please understand this is not asking for a promotion, this is WORKING for it! I WILL NOT GIVE UP! :D

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this,


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