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Work, Life and JR

So here we are 2017 and I said I'd blog a small bit when I could!

Recently work has been busy, with retail (especially technology retail) november onwards is busy very busy. I've survived black friday (black week) for another year. It was busy and it's funny how it used to be Christmas which was the busiest but now the tables have turned, November has the busiest week of the year instead of the last week to Christmas.

Now it's January and things are getting quiet which is brilliant. I'm relaxing playing xbox every few days and I'm starting to get my head out of retail in to different areas when I'm outside work. What also helps is that I have a brilliant beautiful girl to look after me.

Today has been a quiet day at work but I was really busy as managers were not in work people called in sick and I had to sort out the place. On coming home and I had a fight with the stair case and twisted my leg and arm which was fun but after that I cooked a brilliant BBQ pasta bake.

So now chilling after the day and I'm going to work on small things on JR and I'm working on designing a new look for it :) I have updated JR's system to the latest so I can start working on the look and feel of things to improve them :)


Anyway, that's everything I have to talk about tonight. I'll post another blog soon.....



My Day

Today, I'd like to share a few images of my day. I went for a walk / drive out to somewhere close to a place called castlegregory in Ireland. It was a beautiful day so I said I'd take a couple of shots. Have a look




I must admit the S6's quality is something amazing. 

On the other side of things, JR is going well a lot better than it used to and that makes me happy that I'm starting to really rebuild the team, services and stuff that we do best.

More to come...



Recently, I have been so busy with loads of things, work, girlfriend, work and more work.

Sometimes you forget how much you do in a day but I thought I'd give you a bit of an insight in what I actually do.

I work in a business called Harvey Norman, it's a computers, electrical and bedding/furniture department store. Day in day out I sell to customers, give support, help out in the photo section I work closely with the managers making sure that the staff are performing up to standards. I'm in charge of extended warranty and the hardware section and it takes a lot of effort and work for the role I play. For example the last few days I've had to run our department, while doing this there are a lot more responsibilities. (complaints/refunds/replacements/making sure staff go on lunch and so forth).

Being honest, with work it's helping me learn how to organize and delegate my work better.

After work I generally come home tired, when I mean tired I mean tired. Most days all I want to do is sleep when I'm home. (Great I know).

I've started to really get my life back on track, not just with scheduling what I do better but actually eating a breakfast, it's helped me. I'm not as tired as much (yes it's a thing).

I'm glad that I've started to really work hard at JR when I can, I can't do it every day but when I can I work hard. My goal is to get everything working very stable so everyone can enjoy playing at JR. Whether minecraft or other games.

I don't blog much but I'm going to start to use this as a kind of outlet to help me concentrate better and give you guys an insight in the life of me. I hope you guys want to hear about me and if you don't it's cool just don't read any further :P

So that's that.. For now, more to come :)



My Story - Please Read

Hey guys, As you may know from my brief time at JR my name is Tony, you can find me here on facebook if you followed the link I left at Pledgie then you are aware that I need some financial help!

2012 was rather tough and the start of 2013 isn't looking any better :( But me and my girlfriend are trying to stay positive and keep our heads up. Here is a little about what has happened recently:

July 31 2012

My father was killed coming home when a truck hit his scooter, even worse my family couldn't pay to bury him, so instead we had to cremate him..

December 17, 2012

My fiancée was hit by a dodge grand caravan and now is suffering from brain damage, unfortunately she was our only source of income, now she can no longer work, let alone get around the house with out falling down from dizziness.

At the moment I stay home 24/7 to take care of my family the best I know how and can. Now with my fiancée out of work bills are piling up. My 8 year old son does not live with me as he stays with his mother, I get to see him 48 days a year and I have to pay 400$ a month in child support.

It's very hard for me to find somebody to employ me when I don't have a driving licence and the fact I need a flexible shift so I can take care of my family.

The issue I'm facing right now

My sons mother decided to take me to court for child support that wasn't paid (as I couldn't afford it) and now I'm facing jail time.. I have a month to come up with $1500 USD just to keep me out of jail so I can be with my family.

Hopefully soon I will get a job anything will do as long as its a night shift so while my family are sleeping I can try and earn a living. Right now we are running the risk of loosing our home.

If you can, please help me. I don't like asking for money, but right now all I can do is ask for help, I'm in one of the worst situations I know. I just wish god will help me, because all I'm trying to do right now, is help my family.

Pledgie Link: http://pledgie.com/campaigns/19138 <Edit Rebel24>


This is a short descriptive view of my life and what happens from day to day and what has happened in the past. I have no idea why I'm writing this, But beware, It may contain some horrible things, somethings that could cross your nerves or annoy you. I just want to express myself. It will ramble, it will have grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, but this ain't an essay.

Now I can't say I'm smart. I'm seriously lucky to be where I am today. In my youth, I was a rebel, an idiot with no worries, nothing to be scared of. I only just passed my leaving certificate in Ireland, I was sure to fail, but of a miracle I bloody passed. (Strange as how my school life ended - Not sleeping correctly, staying asleep at school, or skipping classes). I have never been to college (it was either college - Education.. I hate education or a full time job).

I got my full time job and business partnership with luck and been able to show my boss JR, Nothing more. Luckily at the shop I was working at part time while I was at school, wanted to close down and my old boss gave me an awesome recommendation :) I got a parttime job with my old boss just by sticking around and talking, helping. It wasn't an offical part time job, but I treated it like one. At that stage in my life, I had nothing to do and my school was just annoying the hell out of me.


I work 6 days a week, in a business I have invested 5% in (Before you butt in and say oh, only 5%, that's enough extra profit for me). Anyway, I work 6 days a week, Scratch that. Everyday. Morning to Evening. From (9:30 - 5 PM). I work as a computer specialist, working with networking, system maintenance, viral repair and rescue, system building, console repair, website development and more. I also teach thursdays which makes my day even more tiring as I work till 8 PM and every hour of everyday from 12am - 12am I work at this place... JR. Even at work.

During my time working at my day job, I go on call outs or work in the office, It's seriously tough working at a computer screen day in day out but it gives you a sense of satisfaction most days that you either learn't something new or that you have done something to help you or another person.

When I get home, I grab a bite to eat and them I'm working on JR. From website design and development, to minecraft server configuration and then other things related to JR. I never get a break.

People think... It's easy to run JR, its not... I have hundreds of emails to reply to each day. Hundreds of new people to talk to, thousands of small questions to answer on minecraft when I login and I crash when everyone shouts rebel when I login (no shit most of the time I do)

I work at JR for two things. My love for my community. Experience and a sense of satisfaction that for once I was able to pull off something I never have done before.

Before JR, I didn't know much about webdesign. I started JR as a project as a hobby to make me less bored. I loved the web, but it always troubled me that I could never do much to make anything on the web. I tryed countless tutorials and methods on how to develop and design my website. Thing is, I had no plan, no ideas, no creative flow. Just bored self >.<

In the end I teamed up with kev and david at school, me been a website developer ( I knew nothing ) and kev and david bringing my ideas together. Which worked excellent. Since that day we started to brainstorm ideas the ideas have never stopped coming, we always have something new in the works, we always are working to better ourselves.

From the start of JR 5 years ago I have never been so tired, (sometimes not feeling great) and upset. It has not been easy. I have started to control my emotions JR has been so stressful, Especially this last year. Organization has been the only thing that I have struggled with. My whole life. Thanks to flaw and peter we have become more organized and we can now take on more challenging tasks while been organized.

Since the start I have NEVER ever learnt as much creating JR as I have with anything else. As I commented, (Strange as how my school life ended - Not sleeping correctly, staying asleep at school, or skipping classes). This was because of JR, JR turned my life around.

I don't sleep well these days, I don't get many breaks, I'm telling you this to give you an idea of why I sometimes break down in rage, get annoyed easily or just end up crying on the phone to Tawny. I work hard for you guys, Each and every member at JR gives me the will and push to keep JR running, to keep developing JR, to keep producing new ideas every day. If everyone left. I'd have nothing, I'd be lost and I wouldn't know what to do with myself. JR to you may only be a small website. It may only be a small thing that you visit each day. But to me... JR is my way of life, I eat, breathe and sleep JR.

A couple of times, I have thought that this is the end to the community, this big silly website idea. But their has always been a couple of people behind me egging me on (kev,david,tawny,damian,joey), a voice in the back of my head saying don't stop Jamie.

I was bullied in school. (Thanks to joey (prometheus33), I felt a lot better when I met him on xbox live, also he helped me calm, I never told him but he made me forget about the bullys and to have a good time, now we are as close as brothers now). Not to sound strange but if I wasn't bullied, I wouldn't have wanted to show the world that I was more than just your average guy. I learn't guitar, I learn't how to use a computer, I learn't how to code, develop and design complex things. A lot of advice I can give to you, if your in school, if you have problems, stick with it. But don't give up in what you believe.

Seriously, these days, I can't go without 30 minutes without making sure the servers are online, the website is up and that JR is still there. I can not thank the hundreds of people that sign up each day, It means more to me, that you are contributing, joining something that I thought nobody would be bothered with and something I have devoted my life to for 5 years.

I may not be in the best of forms, but to me JR is my life force and the one of a couple of things keeping me strong and happy. Without it I'd have no job, I'd be bored, I wouldn't get out of bed each morning and I certainly would not be happy.

I'm starting to get a grip with my life now, but there are times where I can upset people, I can be upset and if I have ever upset you, then I am deeply sorry. I just hope I can continue to improve. My main aims are to stop my emotions making me upset constantly, to be able to take more of a joke, instead of taking it to heart. To grow up a bit. I'm still a kid. I'm 18 and I act so childish I'm getting sick of it.

Thanks to everyone that has supported me, supported this website and supported the community. You guys are awesome, we are starting to grow huge. I just hope that I can continue to do as much as I can for you.


I have decided to just make this thread / blog about why I don't get much time to talk. Please don't rage, take offence or cause arguments and just take this in and understand it.

Why do I say I'm busy, Why don't I reply some times and Why do I just disappear...

I have had some recent hateful emails and skype messages complaining that I do nothing on JR. So let me explain a couple of things:

Firstly, I do ALL of the behind the scenes stuff, well 99% of it. I get help sometimes from Ant and Calystos, but most of the time its me. What you see here now on JR, is a result of my templating, custom coding, configuration etc. If I didn't ignore users and take the time to do this JR would be dead.

Secondly, I do listen to the community all the time, JR is community driven. I may not reply, but hell I listen. I watch every topic, post and reply on the site, I have a dedicated window open all the time watching and waiting for new comments around JR.

Thirdly, At JR we have nearly 8000 members, You must understand to manage a website with this amount of members and resulting traffic causes a heavy workload, I'm currently at the moment trying to recruit more staff, bring in more ideas to make things easier for us all. I don't have time to point everyone in the right direction. Sometimes I do have the time and I will when I do. But most of the time, I don't so please don't complain if I don't reply to small messages on where to find this and that. It's self explanatory and the staff are here for a reason.

Lastly, At JR, for some reason I'm expected to know and reply to everything and everyone. I login to JR and I get 15 - 20 small questions that you can find firstly on the Wiki at http://mcwiki.jrnetwork.net/ at help commands such as /gettingstarted - /warp howto and members on the site, seriously, the questions most people ask are simple, You need to start looking it up around the documentation we provide.

Also! You do know we have staff right?! Helpers, Minecraft Grief Police, Moderators and Admins are here for a reason, to deal with the community and put less pressure on me right around JR.

Ask a member of staff for help and not me, Then I will get less workload and I will have time to have a bit of fun and actually join in more.

Minecraft Related:

I have been complained at many times that I don't get much time to do ingame work, or help in the Minecraft server. Please note there are tons of reasons why! Here is just some of them

1) I care for the community, I like to see it flourish and I make the server the best I can make it, I'm constantly updating plugins, configuring different things so they don't cause conflicts, issues and lag. It's always in my best interest to keep the community happy with the stability of our Minecraft server.

2) People say I forget the MC community. I don't. I constantly make sure the server is up all of the time. There are times where yes I can't reply to messages, skype calls, and / or different forms of contacting me.

3) I'm always innovating and saying to my self, how can I make MC better on JR. I have bought a new server specially for it, I have configured most things amazingly, but again there are updates to install each day and with most updates there is a ton of reconfiguration or tweaks so the plugin runs better.

4) I'm not here to work on small things such as how to use commands, rollback griefs, If I have time I will help you, If I don't reply I'm away or seriously busy with different things on the server.

Look, I'm not saying don't contact me, I'm always happy to reply to everyone I can, but if I don't reply remember. Don't Rage, Don't Complain and Wait. I do ignore people who constantly ask for me, for good reason. I will reply eventually, You can email me at jamie@jrnetwork.net at any time and wait for an answer, but please look around for help if its simple stuff, Don't think that I'm the only person that can sort it.

I hope you can understand why I have posted this.


Another question I'd like to answer for the tons of people who as daily.

JR costs just under 300 euro per month to run.

How do we earn enough?

We don't, thing is I have to pay for half that amount a month by my day job, the other half gets paid with donations / VIP Member ship / Hosting that we provide.

So remember if your purchasing VIP you will be helping JR a great deal. If you want to donate, please don't hesitate, it really helps us at JR to run with any donation :)http://pledgie.com/campaigns/13320

Hope that answers any questions, if you have any more contact me ! :D


Hey guys,

A lot of people constantly ask where do I live, what do I do and what Tech do I have!

Well I hope this clears a couple of things a bit :)

I live in Ireland, I'm english yeah I know :P England rocks. So I have left school last year and I'm working in a computer business as I am a computer, networking, virus repair technician etc. I do a lot. I constantly work on JR 24/7 I swear I do it in my sleep and at work :P So anyway a bit about where I live.

I live in a small holiday home outside on my parents land. Now don't get me wrong, you haven't seen it yet, its awesome :D

Pics Below :D


This is the outside of my holiday home pointing towards my house


Basically JR's hub


More tech, and my XBOX :D


OOOO PC cases! A load of them :P


The hub zoomed out a bit ;) DRUMS! GUITAR HERO <3


Harry Potthead :3


My bed, anyone want to join me ?!


My kitchen, damn im hungry now.


Anyone want a shower?


My guitar and amp <3

Hope you enjoyed spying on me ;) Bet you remember me when you go to bed now and wonder, how the fuck does he do everything in a place like that :P


Hello fellow Mincrafters. I am Jason :) I am mainly writing this blog for the newest members of the sever and even for those who want to know some stuff about me and why i love JR. Well some of you may know some may not but I currently work on the side of my brothers Minecraft Team doing some sever checks and other things to make sure severs are running their best and following the rules of course. I know many of you may not believe that and that's quite alright it's one of my favorite things about JR you have your own thoughts and are not pushed or forced to believe something you don't wish to. Some have asked for my mojang email sadly i'm not allowed to release that other wise i would. Ok back on topic well I am fairly easy to get along with and always willing to give a hand to those who need help. Some of my MOST FAVORITE things about JR are all staff is friendly and the owner Jamie is really amazing and no I am not trying to suck up I am simply saying he is amazing reason is because 1. he always works on the sever making sure it's running correctly. 2. he never rules out anyone. 3. is very easy to talk to and takes your opinion seriously and i honestly respect that greatly. another favorite thing is the builders.... they are all amazing at building and making their creations really stand out. If you ever need help all you have to do is ask and someone helps you. Take it from me. If your having second thoughts about registering trust me this sever is beyond worth it. I love JR and would also say thank you to Jamie, Tawny, Cazzum, Anthony, Lexie, and everyone else that has helped me out recently and even when i first joined. Thank you guys and girls i appreciate all you've done. :) Anyone who reads this and would like to ask me something or would just like to have another friend I am here just go over to my profile and I have listed some contact information. Have an amazing day.


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