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Hey guys,

I was quite distracted by JRCraft today, because I made a little minigame on the minigames server! This one's a non-profit, so it's for free (which will be the norm, don't worry). It's called "Ghost Survive", and the idea is that you're on top of a skinny tower, and ghosts (floating skeletons with creepy ghast faces, that shoot you from very far and with flaming arrows!) slowly float up towards you, and you and your friends need to fend them off as long as possible.

The game works well enough, but is in an early stage of development. I'll add a proper high-score system, a proper death system, and plenty of customised messages. For now, you just need to survive as long as you can up top the tower. To get there, you have to go through the "Franchovy minigames" hub at warhub, then click on the only minigame available. Hopefully the sign teleportation system works, if not, please let me know. I already have encountered issues when multiple people are using the signs, so I might need to search for alternatives or ways to fix it.

Be sure to check it out! I'm happy to play some short games with friends if anyone is up for it! However, I have some finals to study for now.

I'll also be adding little games like this to the minigames server in the future! They're never-seen-before games, so they could attract some attention to the server :) 

See you all next time, 




Hey guys,

I've just built a roulette machine at the Minigames Server spawn, and after doing so, I decided to rebuild an arcade! However, all my fans out there that read my blog posts will know that I'm trying to get rich on JR. Thankfully I have OP on Minigames so I can just give myself money with commands. I've decided to make a casino before an arcade! There, people can play classic casino games by themselves or with other players to lose make money. I could also mix in the games that I used to have at the arcade with money, giving people money based on their score, and making them buy coupons of some kind to play. A big shoutout to @Jamie for allowing command blocks, and letting all of this be possible.

Also, as usual, I will use evil psychological techniques to make people lose money. One of these include the fact that if you pay money for something, you'll value it more than if you didn't, so the amount of money I make people pay will pay off no matter what :P 

The arcade/casino will start being built in 3 weeks time! I hope you're all excited for it. It's gonna be a lot more than pushing buttons, thanks to the clever updates our friends at Mojang have come up with since Minecraft Beta!


Current Map Ideas

Hey guys,

this blog post is more for me. I just want to go over the different map ideas I have at the moment, from most to least specific, giving details about their purpose and a general idea behind them. I also have a lot to write about since I'm not letting myself build anything at the moment, since my finals are in 4-5 weeks and I need to be studying. Therefore I've been doing a lot of concept-building and other contemplation rather than actual building, so that once exams are done I'll have a nice to-do list to complete.

By the way, if anyone comes up with nicer names, I'm all ears. I'm not happy with most of these names. Also, if anyone would be up to help me build my maps, I'd love to have some assistance.


This is the map I've been actually making in the last few weeks (just 2 hours or so per week). I've finalised the redstone behind it, and other than the actual map layout, that's really all the brain that's needed. I can't do much more abstract work now. 

The idea is that you have two different teams, the Hunters and the Poachers. The teams are equal and start on two sides of a relatively large map (1 x 1 km square). The teams have to kill each other like in a Call of Duty search & destroy game, where once you die you stay dead, so by elimination. The last team standing wins. 

What makes this map more complex is that one team is constantly glowing (one of the new status effects). You can see people glow through walls, so this gives a huge advantage to one team that isn't glowing. On top of this, in the map, there are 15 locations where a button can be. If this button is hit, then the glowing switches to the other team, and the button also gets sent to another random position. Each team has a dozen or so classes to choose from, with very specialised gear, including a scout class with an elytra (that give you a flying ability), a tank class with a shield (that protects from arrows), an archer-mage class with enchanted arrows, and a ninja class with invisibility potions and buckets of milk (that you can drink to get rid of the glowing effect). The physical map will include buildings on the outskirts and a forest on the inside, with two - three stories of vertical moving space. The map will mostly be dark brown and green, being made of dark wood and leaves (and other stuff obviously).

I'm planning on completing this map as soon as possible. I have finished with the redstone (you can watch my vlogs about them but watch out, they're pretty boring), so now the building is what's left. I'll probably be using some build plugins like voxelsniper but I'm afraid since most of the stuff is actual house-building, I'll have to spend a lot of time hand-building it (thus help from others is appreciated!).


This is the idea that somehow led to Hunters vs Poachers. The idea is that you have two teams that have a randomly-selected volunteer each that both appear on parallel tracks. These tracks present different kinds of obstacles that the runners have to go through. These tracks also happen to be very thin (2 blocks wide), and some of the obstacles are unsurmountable without the help of potion effects. Therefore, the rest of the teams is placed inside two tracks that are 20 or so blocks away from the two tracks, and the players are given bows and specialised arrows. The team members then have to shoot their opponent volunteer to harm them or knock them off, or their own with positive status effects so that they can get through obstacles. This is a lot more of a minigame and can be built much quicker, so I need to go over conceptualisation before anything.


For some reason, I got the inspiration to make an adventure map on a tropical island where you (and probably a certain amount of friends; multiplayer is so much more fun) are part of a tropical island's native tribe. I'll have to do a bit of research to choose what location brings the best cultures in real life which I can use as inspiration (east vs west pacific islands, indian ocean islands, african islands, etc). The idea I have at the moment is that you're a young teenager that needs to go through a trial to prove themselves worthy of adulthood. This trial can then go haywire as some natural disaster takes place, or possibly colonialists come over (although I am not as much of a fan of this idea), and you have to save yourself and your tribe. I'd love to have some people of the tribe follow you around/guide you throughout the island, so I'd need to learn how to make some custom A.I. for mobs (I'm having trouble finding anything on this topic at the moment). I can imagine this island being relatively small (less than a kilometre in diameter), with a volcano in the centre (natural disaster + good looks! This could mean it's a Hawaiian or other pacific island and tribe). I don't know why, but I've always thought of having games that aren't the usual context of today's modern world (actually not that common in minecraft custom maps), and from an english-world perspective. I recently saw videos of Far Cry Primal and thought it was such an awesome idea.


This is a map I was actually building a few years back, which I stopped for an unknown reason. It's pretty much a re-make of Red Dead Redemption in Minecraft. I loved the concept and still do, although I would have to re-conceptualise most of the map, because I simply hadn't thought things through. I had a currency in-game, which you could get more money by playing certain games (that were, back then, powered by huge redstone machines and had huge limitations, just like my arcade on JR! Those made for some great times though..). I really didn't think the map through at all though, which means that it's a good thing I didn't complete it then because I would have had a really inconsistent storyline. I'll start conceptualising soon! This map is much farther down my to-do list, compared to the one right before which I'd love to complete this summer.


I don't want to put too much on my plate, but I've had some other vague ideas of maps. Back in middle school, when minecraft (and JR!) was all the rage, I had four or five ideas of maps that I could build. However, I think the critical thinking skills I've gained really changed the way I saw these maps, since when I look back at them now I feel like none would have been good. Such maps included a horror map (with no real plot?~~), a puzzle map where close to every block has the same texture (therefore making for a really frustrating experience.. Where's the puzzle in that?!), a "combat training" map (which didn't really teach you to fight at all, it just put you up against mobs), and a RPG adventure-mode survival map with different islands (which I think could turn out well if I build it! However, the idea is pretty vague so I'd need to think it through some more). 

I think the new combat dynamics added into the game allow so much more! I honestly love the idea of having shields and enchanted arrows. I think single status effects can make a whole game if it's planned right (like Hunters vs. Poachers!). I'm really looking forward to building the first two maps, so please contact me if you'd also be interested.

..As if a single person out of the 20 that go on JR would read this whole blog post... :P )




A New Map!

Hey guys!

I'm excited to announce that I've come up with an ambitious idea for a game and map! This game would be a team pvp game, with two teams that fight to the death in a rather large map. One of the two teams would glow (with the glowing effect from 1.9, where they can be seen through walls), so that the other has an advantage in tracking them and taking them out. However, there is a button that can be activated that switched which team is glowing. The button moves around the map, having multiple possible rooms to be in so that teams have to search the map if they are currently glowing, in order to change the game to their advantage. 

The map would have to be quite huge, currently I am imagining a 1 x 1 km map, with buildings on the outskirts and a dense forest on the inside. There wouldn't be more than 3 vertical floors at any given moment, I imagine the map being rather flat. However, extra floors in the house could be cool, allowing for some rooftop action.

Players would stay dead when they get killed, and they would probably start fully geared with possibly a choice of classes. The teams would fight to the death in a search-and-destroy type game. 

I made a vlog explaining what I've come up with so far!

This map will take time to build though, so before exams (6 weeks from now) I'm solely focusing on redstone.


Hey guys,

This isn't about the JR Arcade, which doesn't exist anymore due to me not being a regular minecraft player (rip in peace :'(  ) (I use that ironically, I know what RIP stands for.), but I thought my passion for mapmaking should be generalised under this blog. Anyways, I'm trying not to ramble on here (like I did on my other blog post).

Basically, if you haven't seen my billions of posts about it, I made a team multiplayer survival PVP map called Cake Break! and I love it. However, I've been thinking about alternatives to the original to spice it up a bit. I don't want to add anything to the original for now, but I have some ideas about what I could make as derived versions of the map. Here's a trailer to the map to give you an idea of how it works:


So here are a few ideas I had:

Note: these are simple changes that potentially add new dimensions to the game. If you come up with any other ideas, suggest them!

  • A version where randomly, items spawn on a central platform. This platform is equidistant from all islands, and items could include armour, diamonds, monster spawn eggs, enchanting tables, cake, or something along those lines. This would allow a new dimension of objectives and a "king of the hill" type of dynamic. It would also be very difficult for players to hold all their resources while protecting the platform, which could be a hundred blocks over the islands.
  • A snow biome version: this would allow players to use snow as a weapon early on in the game. Snowballs deal no damage but knock back enemies, and considering that this is a game where half of what you stand on is one block thick and you're never more than a hit away from falling into the void, snow would be an interesting addition. Also, snowmen would make good anti-mob defenses.
  • Gravel layer version: there would be a layer of gravel under the layer of sand on each island. (I might actually change the original to contain some of this) Having gravel allows people have a better access to flint and steel rather than just fire charges, and also gives better access to making arrows. That's pretty much it.
  • Nether portal version: one or more nether portals could be in the map, and players have open access to them once they are lit. One idea I had was having one nether portal between two islands, so that each island has one portal to focus on and they have to fight over it (king of the hill theme again). The nether could either be an edited version that looks a lot like skyblock, with possible custom objects, or it could be the real full nether. This could let people get a lot more resources and get out of the skyblock-claustrophobia, but then again, that could be a bad thing. People could also just run away indefinitely in the nether, and even if all their resources are taken away, they can annoyingly hide in a hole, which is one thing the Cake Break game prevents.

Toss me any other ideas! Or perhaps any thoughts/feedback on these ones.


New Arcade... again!

Hey guys,

With the new redstone update, I'm coming up with ALOT of Ideas for minigames, and now that I'm back on Jr, after I'm finished My castle build, I'll start working on a new arcade. I'll try to get it implemented into the minigames world so that all of you could have fun :D

I can't guarantee anything, cause I can get pretty lazy sometimes ;)

See you on Jr,



New Arcade!

Hey arcaders :)

I'm back (read my other post), so Im finally gonna remake my arcade in the "minigames" world (the world with the mob arenas and stuff!

Its gonna be better than ever, be sure to recommend any game creations!



Hey arcaders,

lattely moorhead, zulu and ryan wilkie have complained that my redstone clocks created lag when they were active. I agreed, and decided that I would make a redstone clock that didn't create lag.

I have come up with a solution: Mob clock.

It's simply a box that has water running in circles with a pressure pad at one point. As the animal floats through, it activates the pad. It's pretty regular, even if it could be better.

I'll keep you guys updated.


Hey guys, welcome to my arcade blog!

I have recently started making an arcade, with single-player, multiplayer, and soon gambeling games. For now, there are 3 single player games, and one multiplayer games. The finished singleplayer games are: "Sand Pusher", "Diamond catcher", and "Animal shootdown". The one multiplayer game is "Cow vs. Mooshroom".

You collect loot from each singleplayer game (sand from Sand Pusher, diamond blocks from Diamond Catcher (duh), and beef from Animal Shootdown), which can be traded for jr cash. PLEASE NOTE: Only the diamond blocks, sand, and beef can be traded for money. anything else is worthless. There is no loot for the multiplayer games.

I really hope you will enjoy it, and feel free to give me any feedback, or game recommendations!

You can play at the arcade on jr at /warp arcade.

Mecmax445 & the arcade team

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