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Sorry I have been absent so much. I have been trying to heal from a Oblique muscle injury. If you have ever ripped or strained a muscle you know it takes a while and a lot of rest. Rest I am trying to get as well as still take care of my Mom....not easy. I have tried to get on a hour or so but the muscle spasms usually win and I get off line. I have been doing my Facebook game but it only requires the use of the mouse (one hand). I will be on this Saturday at Rob's house. We will be celebrating his birthday. So I hope to see you all then.

Leslee aka Barb


Sorry guys I know most of you see me on all the time. Well I recently got kinda sick and the medicine I take makes me very sleepy. So after I get Mom down for the night ...I usually crash too.I should be over this soon and then back to playing more. As I write this I am fighting a sinus headache ....going to get the hammer for a different kind of pain .....later ....


I am Leslee. I was born on a cold winter (first day of winter) afternoon in the mid west a little over 50 years ago. I have 2 brothers, the oldest Robert aka rstoy (who got me addicted to minecraft) and the youngest Sean (can't get him to play Minecraft) A cat named Kassy who is a indoor/outdoor pain, that loves me on her terms...lol I never married, but was close 2 times and I guess lost interest somewhere. I have dated a few guys and now current situations keep me from doing so. (life goes on) My father was in the military all of my childhood so we moved a lot. He retired in 1974 and we moved to another state for the last time. He passed away at the very young age of 46 in 1982. Rob was already married and had one child (Christian2gothic) when Dad passed. So that left Mom, Sean & I to run the house hold ( have always been bossy why stop now...lol) Mom worked nights as an LPN after Dad died.. till she retired after 17 yrs of nursing. So I was left to take care of Sean when she was not home (lol while we slept) Time went on & I moved in & out of the house a few times until I noticed Mom's health starting to fail. At this point we all 3 bought a house together. Good thing too..because it wasn't long before Mom needed help. The kind of help a son doesn't like to do for moms. Mom suffered 2 major strokes an 4 mini strokes as well as many seizures in the past 3 years. She is now basically a paraplegic with the use of her right hand. This past year has been very trying but without the support and love of friends and mostly family, I think they would have put me away in the loony bin. I own my own Barber Shop ..(yeah hence the name barbermiss ) I have had it for 23 years now of my 27 yrs of barbering. Some days it's a pain and others it's relief. After a long day of cutting hair I come home and check on Mom to see what she didn't do for her sitter...some days she is very stubborn. (must be where I get it..lol) Then I setting in to see what emails I have ...and on to the fun stuff ...who did what to whom and broke what or poured lava on what ,....or said something about someone else ....as I write this I realize that minecraft is my family just spread all over the world....Just with any other family you have to break up squabbles and disagreements. In the end you tell them how much you care about them and go to bed.

Love you all : )


I Love my car


I drive a 2005 Toyota Rav 4. I just love my Rav. I looked into the 2006, but they don't do all mine does. The new ones have a longer and wider body and the back seats only let down. On my Rav the seats come out completely. I don't know if I will buy another Toyota, I kinda think I might want a Smart Car. They are cute and the savings would be awesome. What do you drive ....or hope to drive when you can.


Ever wonder why....

Ever wonder why cars have turn signals? I know the normal reason ...but it seems a bunch of people don't know. Some people turn them on and leave them on...for miles. Some people turn them on and turn the opposit way...what's with that???? Most people don't use them at all...just turn willy nilly (yeah I said it) and make you guess what they are doing. My favorite thing to yell at thoes people is .."Turn signal's aren't Optional ya know!" ...yeah I know they don't hear me...but I feel better :P

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