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Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I made a blogpost. In order to not sound as hostile, I will avoid from quoting (aside from one at the end and statements I made myself) and will not name anybody in this story here. For the past week or so I have been ranting to my fellow staff members about a problem I've had with another server. I used to play on it constantly two years ago, but last year, I was banned from it for apparently having a "hacked client," emphasis on apparently. I had and still have absolutely no recollection of having one at all. Therefore, I made an appeal. Have caution, though. This is much harder than it sounds.

Before I made my ban appeal, I had to find out the format they required for writing one. I found this, and it was quite clear, but on the same page, they went over the reasons you could be banned for and how to appeal them. It makes all the banned people, whether or not they were rightfully banned, feel like monsters and sin committers to the server. THe first two lines of the instructions to appeal begin by "sympathizing" by saying that being banned can be frustrating, especially if you disagree with it. Yeah I felt great when I read this. All I had to do was appeal, I thought. Ha, no way. Below that line I found possible reasons for banishment. Under hacked client, which is what I got stuck with, I heard that it was the worst ban you could get. The author of this post confirmed that they have a custom-made hacking detection plugin that is only set to bypass REI's minimap and other conventional mods that do not create an unfair advantage. Seems as though it is so flawless that any other mod just trips up the system and bans you for hacking. This is just ridiculous. Are they saying that the anti-hack program has never tripped up? NoCheat trips up all the time because of server lag and performance errors. After assuring everybody that there is no way that the hacking program could have made a mistake, the members of the server have the right to declare any appeals regarding having a hacked client unable to be appealed. This is where I became frustrated with server. It definitely wasn't the last time, either. Under that they claimed that "admin bans," which was my type of ban because an admin banned me, are always 100% justified and, and the admins are always right. Therefore, those bans will always stay intact because they are so very worshipped and trusted by the entire staff. Remember this statement for the remainder of my post. It is the entire reason why I am making this in the first place.

I still made the appeal, though. I figure I should try, and the staff seemed to have the common sense that they should try to reply to everyone that tries to get unbanned. So, I made this. Keep in mind this was attempt one:

I was banned for a "hacked client."

My name is commanderAIK and I have not been on this server for months. However, it's frustrating to see me banned. While this sounds like the simple denial of a desperate "UNBANN ME PLEASE," I have absolutely no hacked client at all. Really, I don't know where this came from. There is a report video of me supposedly hacking, however, many people have told me not to worry about this and it was clear that it was his minecraft screen having viewing issues. I had no hacked client then or now.

[i removed the video from this post because it would give away the server's information. It's basically somebody recording me going through server lag and what looks to be me having forcefield. However, it was confirmed by a staff member of the same server at an earlier time that this was not correct and does show proof of me "hacking."]

It's not right. I should not have the privilege of this server taken away because of my innocence. I don't know if this was a mistake or anything, but any consideration on this would be much appreciated.

I can't quote the reply, but it basically said "I personally trust the admin who banned you, and that video shows no relevance whatsoever. Sorry, your account will not be unbanned." The topic was then locked, so I couldn't have made any reply. Not even a "thank you for answering my ban appeal." The fact that they locked the topic (which I believe they do for every appeal when it is replied to) shows that they probably don't really have any proof of anything here, and that they don't want to risk being proven wrong or argued against by the victim. That's my theory.

It didn't bother me as much until my friend asked me to play on the server again. After seeing that I was still banned, I felt like for the sake of both of our enjoyment (of playing together on the server), I should try again. After refreshing my mind and being discouraged by the same page of directions (mind you this was a year later, in fact last week), I made a more sensible appeal that talks about assuming that I could have done something wrong.

Hello staff of **********, thank you for reading my ban appeal. This is really my last resort of getting unbanned on this server. I will try to make my story here as comprehensible as I can, but frankly, I really can't stop thinking that I am the hated and disparaged villain here. Please read further to understand why.

My name on minecraft is commanderAIK. I was banned for a "Hacked Client" on ********** a year ago. You guys will not believe me here, which I have to accept, but I have no recollection of having any hacked clients installed at all (I used to use nodus a while ago for a faction server, but long before I went on ****** I deleted it and went to vanilla client again) [This I actually used to do, but so all you people on JR don't go "WHAT HACKER." I wasn't even aware of JR's existence then]. I posted this:

[link to the previous ban appeal that I recently talked about above here]

After reading the ban appeal directions and the response to my old appeal, and also the fact that it was immediately locked after response, I was frustrated with this server. I was so convinced that you guys were in the wrong. While part of me still believes that (because as I said for my sake I have no recollection of having a hacked client), I will try to adapt to the staff's beliefs. As a member of your server, I have to respect the admin's decisions. If this server's hacking detection truly is flawless, then I clearly did something wrong [Here I assumed the hacking detection caught me and an admin banned me, but I was wrong, as you will see soon].

But the only thing that could have been wrong, in that case, was me having some other kind of mod installed. I only remember having REI's minimap installed, but it's still possible that I could have had some other mod installed for my server at the time and others. However, I hope you can understand that I don't have the perfect recollection of something that was a year ago. However, let's assume that I did have another mod installed, as I said. In that case, then I did not read the rules and deserved to be banned, in which case I owe an apology for doing so. Back in those days I really only played ********* for the casual ********* with my friends and it wasn't my main server at the time, which means I most likely missed the part that compelled me to check my mods folder to see if I had anything installed that wasn't minimap or optifine. In this case, I regret my decisions to not read the rules as carefully and sincerly apologize for that.

It's really my last resort here, as I said. No, I don't have any evidential proof, but how would I be able to provide proof anyway? As well as being from a year ago, taking a screenshot of my client without mods certainly wouldn't help, because I could have easily uninstalled my "mods or hacks" for the sake of the screenshot and then re-installed them again after. I know I shouldn't write anything irrelevant here, but I decided to appeal here after my friend wanted to play ***** with me. I figured for both of our enjoyment, I would make one last try to play on this server.

Also, I do have to make one plea here. If it is not in the staff's format to respond to ban appeals, I would appreciate it if this topic weren't instantly locked as the first one was. I may need the chance to make another argument, and even if I was to just say "okay, thank you for reading my ban appeal and while it wasn't the outcome I wished for, I appreciate your time," I formerly found it, once again, to make me feel like an awful villain, which is probably only because I am not trusted, but you get the idea. I definitely could have been the villain.

It's not the best ban appeal and it's got holes in it. Long story short, I am apologizing for something I shouldn't have done. I agree, my last appeal was complete denial, but I tried to open up a bit here. If I am unbanned, I will without doubt reread the rules and ensure that I do not make the same mistake.

Happy Halloween guys, and thank you for reading this.

This appeal wasn't directly replied to, because two days later it was recommended that I make one more story side. So, I did just that and made it clear for them to acknowledge this ^^^ one along with it. I really can't tell if they did. Anyway, I made this one as well to add on.

Hello again,

I apologize for making yet another ban appeal, but consider this an addition of information from the previous "my reban appeal [the appeal I last made that I recently talked about]" This is more story wide and somebody recommended I give you this information.

The last huge thing I remember doing on this server was after a few months (last summer of 2013) of playing *********, I found a group on the **** server and played there for a while. Soon after, I went to camp, deeming me inactive for a month, and then returned to find the ***** servers were restarted. So basically, I gathered my ****** friends and just played League of Legends. This is where I started to grow out of my minecraft interest. I don't play minecraft that much anymore, but that summer, around august, I remember going on it and getting banned. The ONLY suspicion of me "hacking" was this (was one of the only *** games I played, and as seen in my very first post): This was considered useless last time I posted this for some video proof, but I figured I should make this a recap of everything I did relevant to my ban.

[Here I posted the same "irrelevant" video]

I was pretty freaked out by this so I posted this:

[This was a forum post before I was banned asking whether or not this might lead to the suspicion of me hacking. I was told that I shouldn't worry and unless I really did something wrong (which I didn't in the cast of having a hacked client), then I shouldn't worry]

So as you can see I was pretty calmed down after that and before I was banned I remember playing ****** with my friend for a few times only. However then around late august last year, I was banned. I don't even know who [the name of the admin who banned me] is. S/he seems like a very trusted admin but I have never even talked to him/her before. I really don't think it's right for admins to ban people by simply watching the player's entity and making a decision off of that, so I assume the hacking detection system was catching me from something I was doing. But the reason why I'm so persistent with this at the moment is because not only was doing something offensive not my intention, but I still have no idea what really happened. If somebody were to tell me exactly what I was doing that got me banned, I would be much more understanding. Simply: for what "hack" was I banned for? What exactly am I being accused of?

Please acknowledge this appeal along with the "reban" appeal I made on Friday. Once again, thank you all for your time and I hope we can come to some understanding eventually.

It took the staff one week to reply to my ban appeal, and this is all it said:

"You were not banned by our nocheat system. You were banned, by one of our most experienced and trusted admins, and I'm sorry, but the ban will not be revoked. Appeal denied."

As you can see, they almost literally copy/pasted their last response and left it at that. I practically wrote two essays and I get a sentence back. I almost have no doubt in saying they quickly skimmed both of them, or at least the first one.

It's just outrageous. They have shown me no proof and I feel like they expect me to give valid proof. Well for one if I didn't do anything then I can't prove I wasn't doing anything, and how in the world am I supposed to prove that I don't have a hacked client?

The moral of this story goes to JR directly. We need to make sure we take EVERY ban appeal and EVERY question into consideration and simply, just put ourselves in the victim's shoes. Whether they are innocent or griefed 10000 blocks, think about what they are trying to do. Think about the effort they put in to get back on this server and apply it to our responses to them. Whether we deny appeals or not, we should return the favor, if they made an effort, and reply in a civilized manner giving reasons for our actions besides trust. Maybe ask some follow up questions. We should not solely use personal trust as a justification for banning anybody.

Thanks to @troll or @MineDr, this problem has been indirectly solved (thanks man!), so I can play on this server again, but I wish things could have been easier.


Just a little heads up

Well I'll start off like this,

Minecraft is a different kind of game from the common ones. Games we play like COD or Halo, when you stop playing, you most of the time stop thinking about it as well. But, with minecraft, even when you stop, it's hard to stop thinking about it, especially if your playing on servers.

So, i'm going to take a break from minecraft. I don't want to get a problem with this contradicting with my education and outside life, which basically means I don't want this minecraft stuff stuck in the bottom of my head right now. This has nothing against JR in particular. I am being completely general. I hope you guys can understand that you won't be seeing me really minecraft wise.

With that being said, I am going to dedicate my time on JR by using the forums, talking to staff about other things and situations relating to JR, and would later like to join Peter, Flaw, and Chris in monitoring posts/topics. I may still livestream, just maybe other games than minecraft.

As for the events team, I will still discuss any contests we have in mind, and will try to think of other events for JR outside of minecraft.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for reading this, and hopefully, understanding my plan. I still love JR all around, no matter where I go :)

Thanks guys,



My inactivity

Hey guys,

Alright, I've said it about a hundred times, and I'll say it again officially. I'm really inactive on the minecraft server as of now.

Now, if you're asking why, it's because I'm just so busy during the weekdays with homework and school, that I don't even do anything else on weekdays but work. It's just so annoying to not be able to come on every other day at least and catch up with everything on JR Craft. Every Friday, I tell my friends "I'm WAY behind you with what you're building there."

Luckily, I'm able to be active on the forums every day (posting about 20 times regularly). And I get on JRtekkit every weekend.

Anyway guys, I'm just throwing it out there for the people who don't know yet. You'll be seeing me here a lot more than on Jr Craft/tekkit.




Hey guys,

I just wanted to share a thought I had last night with you guys.

Last night, I decided to watch a trailer for JR, just to see if I could spot myself in the chat :P.

Turns out, it was a very old trailer. It went all the way back to the time when @k3v_o was only a mod. Here is the video (made by: Seth8001)


When I saw this. The first thing that came into my mind was "oh, this was when k3v was a mod and not yet an admin. Way before I joined this server."

Before I saw this video, I looked at some of the old accepted ideas. One of them was suggesting the rank name colors! I thought to myself, that was before JRnetwork was this colorful!

My point is, it's important to remember the past as we go along. The group of players that join, when new features are added, or when something exciting happens. Just make sure every once in a while to take a trip down memory lane. Even if you weren't on the server for so long. You may even consider asking a long time player (such as a mod/admin) what they remember from JR.




Hey JR,

Alright, I'm just going to warn you, this is a sad post. Basically, I can't go on JR for a month. I'm pretty sad about this, I love JR, and I won't see it until late July. The reason is that I am going to camp. I'm just making it clear to everyone our there who thinks I am leaving forever: I WILL BE COMING BACK. I would never quit JR and I am proud of being a part of it. You see, the cool thing about JR is no matter where or how long you go, you're always part of the community. And I know, that you guys will still accept me in the community when I return. Now, my citizen+ will run out, and I am going to mis some of the JRgames, which is also disappointing. But still, at least I am part of the JR community! So, I just made this post to let everybody know where I was going to be in the next month.

I'm leaving on Sunday, so today is my last day on JR. But I must be going now, I can't make this post SO long :P.

Well, this is a good bye for a while,


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