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About this blog

i talk about daily things and even jrcraft. this is the first blog ive ever made or owned at all

Entries in this blog

reasons why i might not play on jr anymore. a little bit of a rant depending everyone's personal definiton of it

1. ericjjincson got away with killing me by having me tp to him and i was in a lava pit ,which i lost around 15 iron blocks,lots of gold,diamonds,diamond tools,lots of good stuff. 2.i wanted to help people so i was going to sign up and part of it was so i didnt have to worry about stuff like ericjjincson happening again. 3.when they realeased the new jrcraft EVERYTHING IN MY ENTIRE INVENTORY WAS GONE and i was having it good again and i'd filed a report about that, i jump on and nothing was do



Recent stuff, game stuff, and daily life

well i just got back from a 3,180 mile long trip over christmas break to a popular park in the U.S.A if you know disney world ,which was a very long trip. our choir+band was performing there; so i rode down with my parents. i got back at 7:00 pm C.S.T time it was quite a long trip ; we also obviously went on rides and enjoyed the park (might i say my dad forced me on rides then i would yell and stuff but end up loving it we went on thrill rides mostly) if your wondering what one i yelled on,hate



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