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Gaming Trends: The rise of the pre-order bonus!

Hey guys, My blog page is up and my first blog has been published so check it out. Original post Watch Dogs pre-order bonuses (it confuses me too) Pre-Order bonuses pretty much benefit everyone involved, outside the gamer. Developers and Publishers benefit since, well, people are buying the game before it is even released. For a AAA game succeed today, how much hype is built prior to release is about as important as the development itself. Naturally, most great games get loa

What I have been doing the last 2 years

Hey guys. As you know, I am making my return to the website after my hiatus (unlike System of a Down (*sobs*)) due to the attention I have given to college. I will not have the time for Minecraft however, but the staff team have been great to keep it running and trust that they will continue to do so. Most of my college time, was obviously spend doing college work. I'm now going into 3rd year of my Computing with Games Development course, which, in Ireland, has one of the highest Dropo

[Updated] Dye'n my hair for Suicide Prevention Charity

As some of you may know through Facebook, I am going to dye my hair for charity, and not just your regular blue or red... I'm going all out rainbow! This is for RAG week 2013 through the Student Union at my college which is a week where people raise money through different methods for charities in Ireland. the charity I have chosen is Be Aware! which is a Suicide Prevention Charity. I chose this charity as I have lost a good friend of mine to suicide during last summer of 2012 and for

Game Invaders Summer Camp 2013

As some of you already know (most likely due to me spamming your Facebook), several of my classmates along with myself are starting up a summer school to teach kids basic 2D and 3D Games Development. All classes are held in the Institute of Technology Tralee in week blocks during July and August 2013. It would be a great help if everyone can like our Facebook page and if you live in the area, spread the word about the camp to both parents and children. We will be posting regular status updates a

The life of k3v_o - 5/10/2012

Hey Guys, Sorry I haven't been active for the last month outside of the forums, but I have been busy with college. It has been about 3 weeks now in my first year of Games Dev and I am loving it. So far the work is quite easy since I have basic knowledge of Web Design and Programming but the days are long and exhausting. Every morning I'm up at 7am, leave home at 8am and start class at 9am, then don't finish until 4-5pm. It's not the classes that are tiring, but the 2-3 hour breaks in betwee

no money, mo problems

Hey Guys, I promised ye blog updates regularly, and nopony breaks a pinkie promise. So, as some of ye know from the title, the issue I currently have is money, and college requires quite a large amount. Money that I currently do not possess nor my parents. Most things are fine, the registration fee of €2,250 is covered by the grant I will be receiving and since I will be living at home the additional grant money of €2,500 which is spread over the first 2 semesters can

26/08/2012 - Cleaned my Room! omg :P

Today I decided to spend a few minutes every week to write up a blog entry giving you a little more info into the Life of k3v_o. In fairness, It beats my usual, once and a while rages. Anyway, today was a fairly average Sunday only for the fact that I woke up at 10am rather than the usual 12:30pm when my mom wakes me up for Sunday dinner. I know, its is a little early for dinner, but it is the time that best suits us as my brother has his children and they tend to go out now and again, my mother

Britain threatens to storm Ecuador embassy to get Assange (Explicit language) (and ponys!)

Julian Assange doing ohh so menacing things like killing puppies and such! I may not be a fan of wikileaks and Julian Assange, but all he tried to do was share the truth. For those who have no interest in current affairs (well on the internet anyway), Wikileaks is a website founded by the said Julian Assange. The website is basically a non-profit news organisation which shares classified documents to the web about atrocities committed by governments during acts of war and such and such

My opinion: About getting promoted - response

This is in response to Neutralization's blog - This brings up the points Neutralization brought up in his blog entry and my view on them. 1) Am I helpful and friendly, do I really deserve getting promoted? Being helpful and friendly is the main reason you will get promoted. Whether helping tourists in how to become a citizen, or helping members understand rules and commands. Also having a good grasp of the English language and being easy to understand are also plus's, because


What is SOPA and PIPA? If you are unsure what SOPA or PIPA is or what it can do watch this video as it is an excellent review of them There is a long list of companies supporting SOPA. EA are are also in support of SOPA, and I am not surprised as it would ultimately lead to fewer contenders against them. Just more of a reason for me to hate them, even more so than usual. May I also add that Representative Lamar Smith, the creator of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)
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