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About this blog

Hes just a regular guy

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Okay so here is what I have been doing lately:

*Working on JROS - JR Operating System

*Working on JRLand

*Getting a Motorbike 120cc

*Working on JR Videos

*Working on getting more active on JR Community

* Thinking about doing Daily VLogs

*Doing some exams and shizzle.

*Doing videos for my Youtube Channel

*Doing a new build for my PC;

  • 6 X 2TB Internal HDD
  • 2 X 1.5TB External HDD
  • 32GB of DDR3 Memory
  • ATI 6990 GraphicsCard
  • I7 Extreme Processor Overclocked
  • 3X HDMI Splitters
  • 6 X ACER H274HLbmd 27" Full HD LED-Backlit Monitor's
  • 1 X Razer Naga hex mouse
  • 1 X Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition Keyboard

*Doing some Letsplays and other things...

*Annoying staff cause I am cool

Thats about it for now... Not much really. So if anyone has some suggestions then please tell me


Well I decided to goto a workshop in my town and make some parts for my PC as I have alot of burnt out chips inside the big black beast. So here is a picture of me playing around with the lathe


The Chuck holds the material in place and it spins from 50 revs a min to 1020 revs a min. A full turn of a chuck is equal to 1 rev.

I slowly put a freshly sharpened metal in a vice witch you turn towards to uncut material to make a nice smooth cut. If you are making something important you can not be 1mm out of spec. So if you over cut it or under cut it you'r utterly fucked.

When you cut into a peace of material .eg a chunk of metal you will ALWAYS need some solvent aka some liquid to cool down the friction between the 2 metals.

Also its a good idea to wear some safety boots... The ones with some nice steel toecaps. You can guess why.

Here is a good quick video of me recording my mate do some work on one.

If anyone can guess what I was making for my PC I will give you a hug :D


MOOORE Work.... 15/12/2011

Well I had a intresting day. At work I was given some instructions to fix some backup servers and redo some configuration. After I sorted it out I made the server e-mail me to see if the firewalls are working and allowing incoming and outgoing connections. I waited 10 mins to see if I got a e-mail.. .No. So i thought it might be some settings. So then I got told that I got sent some very important documents to my e-mail. So i thought okay I will check them out when i get home. Then I had some lunch and worked on the clients computers and I thought... "Okay time to see if the servers send ping from internal connections". Yep they did 100% recived to the clients. So now I had to hook up the main servers to the backups so they can share the same connection. Once i finished doing that I thought. mhmm I need to remember the access codes and study the firewall settings,, So I sent myself the documents though E-mail. When I got home I tried to open the mail and what do i get ladies and gentleman ?


What.... The.... Fuck....



Today I have been doing alot of work. I had to sort out 5 servers in my workplace. Somehow someone messed around with the Administration settings so I spent the last 5 hours getting though the backend. Then after I had to sort out some computers because the company works on a VPN which is going though a proxy. There are around 800 -1200 computers and laptops in the place and I have to use a remote desktop thing. Right now the internet connection is around 800mbps which is slow because we should have over 1GBps. So everyone has been complaining about slow webpages and shit. So now its about 4:20pm I have came home and I am going to sort out my gaming servers. Right now Im doing my mates windows R2 2008 server thats around 24gb. Which is just for minecraft.... So he wants me to add some plugins and shit.

I'll add some more later when more stuff happens. Ill be doing jamies logo later.



hey all. I might use this place to keep you guys upto date on what I have been upto and all that. I will probs post videos of my Lets plays and Minecraft videos here so you guys get to see it first,. I will also blog about my day. So much stuff so little time. But I wont do it today. Would you guys like that ?

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