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PS4 V Xbox One - Hardware Comparison

A question that prospective console purchasers will ask many times over the next few years is which is the better console, the Sony PlayStation 4 or the Microsoft Xbox One? In this article we take a look at the technical details of each console and compare them against each other. [b]PS4 v Xbox One - CPU[/b] At the heart of any gaming console is its processor. It is responsible for the raw power of the unit, whilst also linking all of the other components such RAM, hard disk drive, graphic



How Paintless Dent Removal Works for your car

The most important part of successful, good quality paintless dent repair is having a skilled technician with the right tools and experience. The more specialized the repair shop, the better the chances for having large or troublesome dents and dings repaired without the need for part painting, fillers or replacement. The technician must first assess the damage to determine if paintless dent repair is a good fit. Because the metal is "pushed" by the tools, it is important that the damage



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