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It's been nearly a month since we posted our last development topic. While we haven't posted anything we have been rather busy.


  • Removed old JRCash system for a new system, This will allow products to be bought from the JR store in trade for JR Cash. Unfortunately this took away JRCash from minecraft, which we are working on to bring back as well as other servers
  • Tweaked mobile slightly
  • Added full steam integration. This shows what games you've been playing, what you are currently playing, if you are on or offline. To use this all you have to do is login with steam.
  • Added marketplace so users can trade JR Cash between themselves for virtual services or virtual goods.
  • Small nav UI Changes
  • Added custom images within the forum to make things a little more friendly


  • Added RUST
  • Added Ark: Survival Evolved and added mods:
    • Autotorch
    • Stackable foundations
  • Added JC2MP and added new mods:
    • Plane Reverse
    • Jobs (Drive people to locations for money)
    • Join Leave messages
    • Wingsuite (Double Tab shift)
    • AI Traffic, (Sea, Air and Road)
    • Added a gas system, when you run out of the gas the car doesn't move. There are many locations around the server to fill up (Gas stations)
    • Added a bank system so you can store your money even when the server resets
    • Chat bubbles, occur when you chat automatically
    • Scoreboard (Press alt)
    • Anti-spam and 10 minute announcement added to show users where JR is
    • Added Buy panel, you can buy items from the money you earn in jobs
    • Added better admin system

Social Media Changes

  • Updated about page and small tweaks to facebook

Server Changes

  • Moved to a faster better server to handle all that we host
  • Tweaked VM's resource usage
  • Updated all packages across all servers to latest versions
  • Working on PHP 7 on main server currently but at the moment we have tested and had a catastrophic failure. Hopefully we can resolve this issue soon to bring the latest in PHP for speed, stability and security to JR soon.

Recently we have been backend doing some development that has and hasn't been released yet.


Mobile: We understand that as technology evolves so does our mobile presence. To acknowledge this shift in the industry we have been working on JR so it plays friendly for tablets and mobiles. To sort these issues we have run a variety of tests on multiple devices (1080p Phone + Tablet, iPhone) to see what problem areas are and to fix problem areas.

We found and patched the following bugs:

  • Disabled background load on mobile phones
  • Removed the javascript header opening on tablets and phones as it was overlaying content
  • Moved logo to center of the screen up top and removed margin pushing the website lower. On devices that have a low resolution or screen size when used in a portrait orientation the logo will be pushed more to the left to make way to use the return and other links that are provided on the mobile nav bar
  • The back to top link now automatically moves to the center bar.

Social Bar: JR is working harder to provide more push notifications to our social pages to expand our community not just inside but outside our website. You may have seen the bottom links in the right hand corner. If you haven't already please join our social presence. We will be releasing competitions on these pages soon. If you are a Xbox player please join our Xbox club, you can do so by clicking on the xbox logo and clicking join. When JR members are playing you will be able to find them easier to play and news about events coming soon will be posted on the xbox club.

Advertising: JR knows that advertising is headwrecking but we also have to gather some return on the expenditure for our services which is currently adding up to quite a bit out of my back pocket. To help with the struggle we have moved advertising to easier to see places. If you are a premium JR member advertising will be removed on your account. If you are a guest or a member advertising will still show for you but we promise only to show 2 adverts on a page at a time. 

Analytics: We are trying to find out how users use our website better, therefore we are using google analytics to show us user trends, what people use to browse JR, how long they stay on our website. All data is anonymous and we are not tracking individuals. All the data we gather is gathered using cookies and a javascript api. 

Un - Released:

Servers App:

Recently we bought a servers list app to show users what servers we have, what is online and how many players play on JR. Unfortunately the developer did not provide any support to help us with anything. Therefore we are developing a similar application which #1 is tailored to our needs and #2 is our application and only our application. Features we code will be unique to JR. We are hoping this application will help us better monitor our servers, our uptime and of course make it easier for users to use our services. 

We plan to also integrate a skinned down version in the help center so you can easily check if any server is offline. This feature will also alert admins in the event of a catastrophic failure causing downtime.

You can see the latest progress here at: https://dev.jrnetwork.net/

We are currently working on a better method to get map images with a failover system incase for some reason the map images are not accessible. We hope to remove the current serverlist we purchased and release this new project in the next week or so.

If anyone has any suggestions regarding this all critisims and suggestions can be either PM'ed to myself or simply write a comment here. Nothing is stupid and every suggestion will be taken in to consideration.

Caching and site optimisation:

We are always looking to make JR load in a better way. We are currently working on a site optimisation method and better caching methods to increase site load times and pings from different areas. This will be coming soon!

We hope that this update with the current development on JR will show why users may or may not have seen me do much at JR recently. There is a lot of background development going on and after the servers app is released in some form our development focus will be on expanding our server capabilities and adding more games that can be played.


Changelog - 27/2/17

These changes have happened since the last change log.

Website Changes

  • Help Center Added
  • Gameserver Wiki (This will be used for all docs related to our game servers)
  • Ticketing support updated and more accessible to use with Help Center
  • Our own server management application in beta https://dev.jrnetwork.net. Set to be released in the next week or so
  • Fixed an issue backend with admin groups and moderator groups
  • Fixed a bug when a administrator was to edit, add or delete support departments
  • Privacy policy updated
  • Contact us for at the bottom now submits a support ticket

Gameserver Changes


  • All servers updated to the latest spigot build which allows for 1.11.2 client support
  • Removed unnecessary plugins
  • Recreated permissions due to plugin changes
  • Switched from essentials to command book to reduce load on server and remove unnecessary features
  • Changed server side settings to use less RAM and CPU usage
  • Reset all maps and generated a big block radius (we will not do that without notification again)

Server Changes

  • Recompiled and updated Apache + PHP on website server
  • Updated required packages on all servers
  • PHP settings changed to help with server security
  • Removed some server files to save space

Changelog - 01/2/17

Recently Added:

  • Clear notifications after you have read
  • Remove shouting from topic titles. (E.G. LIKE THIS -> Like this)
  • Show if users are online by a green circle around their profile picture
  • Allow users message, ignore, find content for a user in the forum under their profile tidbit
  • You can now preview a post in the forum before submitting a post
  • We have had to add a cookie notice due to EU law, but this will disappear as soon as you login
  • You can now view who viewed your topic
  • Added two factor authentication
  • User colors around the website now show and changed colors for member groups
  • JR Anniversary now public but still in beta and development

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed missing images that should have showed when a user was to setup Google Authenticator with JR's two factor authentication

blog-0647973001403220503.pngJR has had many design changes in it's 9 years... yeah I think 9 years of existence. Some good, some bad. My website development and designing, IT career basically started here.

JR has taught me so much just by working on it and working and chatting to the community!

Recently I have had a long pause of development at JR and a huge break this is due to a lot that has been happening with my personal life, I have recently moved out from home, so I am now renting my own place and paying all my bills (Hard at first but becomes easier with time) I now have a full time job, I will not release where I am working for legal reasons due to my position and I am working full time.

Now I have a little more time to allocate though to my social life and well.. JR Life, since everything is settling down and I'm able to relax, think straight and have a bit more creativity within my website as you may have been able to see! I'd like to thank Xemnes with playing a huge part with graphics design for me as I have had an issue with photoshop and thank myself for actually having a bit of creativity for a change.

Anyway, more good things to come, if you like the changes please help us at JR by donating to us using paypal to sales@jrnetwork.net all money will be used to run our gaming servers and website servers, while I do have some extra money with all the bills I do pay I can't pay everything and JR can be a major drain from my pocket!

I hope you like the changes, please comment below on what you think so far during development and if you'd like to see any certain features get added to the website!

For now guys, Peace!


Hi guys,

This is an announcement about griefing. We are seeing a lot of griefing and its a ton of work to our staff team.

We recommend using worldguard. It's a tool that will protect anything you own, from roads to huge buildings. It's usable by everyone, free and easy to use:


  • Type //wand in the chat box. This will give you a stick.
  • Left click to select where you want to protect from. This will be the starting point.
  • Right click to select where you want to protect it till. This will be the ending point.
  • Use //expand <depth> <height> up to extend your selection both downwards and upwards.
    This means better protection, but you should use it only when you need it. The block limit is 500,000.
  • Finally, use /region claim <region_name> to claim it.
    Using spaces is not recommended. "Region name" will be saved as "Region." The space and anything after it will be ignored.

For reference (if you do not know how to use it) please look at:





Please start using it! It decreases the work load on staff so that they can do other things!



Development 06/02/2012

We can now do a lot more in terms of content due to our recent site updates.

Users should be able to post content on the site BUT it has to be approved by a Moderator before it can be displayed so if you want to write something up you can do.

Basically if you are wondering the changes and new app allows us to post content in a more unified form.

  • Removed Unreal Portal, Not needed any more
  • Added IP.Content and transferred from easy pages and portal fully.
  • Removed Easy Pages: IP.Content does this but way more powerful and customizable
  • Removed The Auto reply mod, never worked at all.
  • Removed the forum featured post slider. It looks ugly most of the time and is never used. I can re add it if wanted later on.
  • Improved cache so things speed up and don't bug the database down.
  • Edited the ipsBox style and changed the BG color and added a small border. Recache to see the changes guys!


JR Changelog: 24/1/2012

  1. Stopped a lot of crap loading up on the right hand side under your avatars was causing site to use a lot of queries, I don't think its needed to be honest
  2. Stopped the slide show at the top loading on every page, I'm only letting it load on the portal and the index It was ramping up bandwidth by 20 GB a day, we already use 30 - 50 GB a day.
  3. Revamped the sign up page to make it easier to use, It's so simple nan could do it
  4. Pointed apply.jrnetwork.net to the registration page instead. It will help with more people signing up for minecraft
  5. Renamed http://hawkeye.jrnetwork.net/ LB Screenshots to Screenshot Proof
  6. Moved the TOP link at the bottom of the page beneath the links it was covering
  7. Updated copyright at the footer to display the correct year to 2012
  8. Rounded error box to make it a bit more friendly
  9. Made the search box and submit more interesting looking :)

JR Changelog: 10/1/2012

Updates / Changelog

Added a better tag cloud :)

Added a sidebar module showing Topics that are being viewed currently

Added forum stats at the bottom of each forum

Added a QR Code for every topic. May be useful ;)

Added a link to view your files you have uploaded to JR in your forum posts. Click on your username to see this (top right hand corner)

Fixed search engine bug

Fixed bug tracker -> heh xD


Small clean ups

I have done some neatening up on the forum. Basically just rearranged some forums, changed some forum names and also rearranged the side bar block entries.

Also only the person who makes a ban appeal and the admins can see view the topics a member makes and I have added a couple more links to the menu.

More to come later on, - Jamie


JR Changelog: 27/12/2011

  • Disabled PVP on minecraft for a while till we get something of controlling it
  • Added @profilename to mention users in a post to notify them of a topic.
  • Sliding popup message for un registered members to sign up
  • Removed buddy's idea, no one used it
  • Updated activation email, seriously its easy to understand.

Please remember to clean your cache otherwise the website may appear broken in areas.


Hey guys,

Been doing a lot of dev work today on the site as you may have noticed.

Below is a change log of everything done today as I can't be bothered to write out an essay of it.

  • Made homepage more usable, removed silly portal.
  • Removed toolbar, out of date and old fashioned.
  • Updated servers page.
  • Finished off menu
  • Removed some un necessary code and added box shadow behind the content. Also removed transparency and box shadow underneath the website
  • Removed old login system from. from login.jrnetwork.net
  • Removed who is frank. Not needed any more.
  • Integrated Minecraft Map in to the website. Using banana map again, quicker it will be back on hopefully after server has updated.

Server Side:

  • Removed unnecessary files, removed cpanels game server management, updating cPanel to the latest build - this is causing a huge amount of lag on every service, sorry! Should be done in 15 minutes from this post
  • Removed unnecessary database's. Removed some logs. Cleaned TMP dir and ran virus scan.


Well needed design work

Hey guys,

I have really been busy with design work on JR today!

As you may have noticed, I have cleaned up the menu and added our services up there, making it easier to find on JR!

I bet some of you will be impressed and un aware that we do have Team Fortress 2 & CSS Servers for a while ;) Our sister site PNX has been working to get these operational, I thought by now, they must be stable so yeah I have released them on JR.

There will be a couple of more changes to JR, I will be looking in to the mySQL backend later on to make it run a bit quicker *even though it is quick* but yeah. I hope you enjoy everything going on at JR, keep watch for small differences around JR ;) They always will surprise you :P


Different Developments

Hey guys,

I have been working on the site slightly yesterday and today doing some quick touch ups to make it look better!

Ok so whats happening?

I'm working on a Server Status page, if the minecraft or any of our services go down you can check on our server status page.

I have implemented a nice looking script for our grief reports. as you can see http://lbscreen.jrnetwork.net/

I have also removed the JR Cash plugin, Unfortunately it hasn't been updated and caused an issue with our member base, I'm hoping to get this back up soon!

I hope that you just give a quick look to the updates I have done.


Advertisements On JR

Hey guys,

You may have seen a bit more advertising around JR Network. Well the reason why is that we need around 135 Euro per month to keep the servers that we run paid for. IF we don't earn anything to put back in to the servers then we will just die out.

So due to this we are starting to advertise a bit more. If you don't like the advertisments around JR, You can buy VIP and you won't have to have advertisements on the website :D

Hope you understand




New Developments

Hey guys,

Right as you can see I added a lot of visible changes last night, including the latest news and reviews, forum icons and more.

Now today, I will be working on trying to sort out out private messaging system bug, basically it goes out of line currently I want to see this fixed by the end of the day.

I will also be adding a couple of handy and cool features today, so watch out for them :D

I will also be looking in to a revamp of our JR Toolbar today :D




Small dev entry

Hey guys,

Ok so I haven't done many visible changes in the past couple of days, I am having a sort of code freeze, and just work on the little things for now.

Also I haven't done much because I have needed a well deserved break :P So i'll be back tomorrow and maybe tonight working on a couple of things. You may have noticed when you send a PM it will show some rules before you send the message. Also I would like to sort out the private messaging theme bug.

Hopefully we can get it all sorted out. I must say though it's looking pretty awesome so far :D

Also the mobile theme has been fixed, the forum icons have been changed somewhat and I have just installed something for News and Reviews http://jrnetwork.net...?app=topicslist :D


Hey guys,

I am going to be posting development updates on the blog instead of the forum now to make things look a bit better. I am deleting the JR Development forum and emptying the topics in the news to clean things up a bit.

Also guys, I have changed the colors of each user group and if you haven't noticed I have installed these lovely blogs :D You can have a nice new free blog, also your blog will be pinged to google and yahoo if wanted also :D

I also have removed the black bar from the top were the messages and notifications are. It looks nicer without it. Also the background if you haven't noticed is changing for each big game release :D

I am starting to really put in a lot of effort to the website, if you have ideas or like to comment on the changes, please comment below :D



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