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The Story of The Creepers!

This story begins on Friday the 13th 2009, 1 Man and his army were battling zombies skeletons and Pigmen. One night on Friday the 13th 2009 a new type of mob appeard They didnt know what it was, But all they new was there numbers where dropping by the night. The last soldier Was called Vahinator. vahinator was the bravest in the army and he had battled countless nights and that was why he was the leader of the army. he carried two diamond swords and lots of food for the night , he also had enough cobblestone and torches to make a small shack in an emergency. he always knew what to do and that was why he was the leader but in this situation , He didn't know what to do, one night a creeper sneaked up on him, and blew up while he was on his pc on jr network, He was writing a blog for a new diamond sword competition, The entry said. I was fighting mobs one night when a new mob appeard, they decided to call it a..... And thats when the Creeper exploded on him, His soul carry'd on killing the so called creepers. Then they where wiped out. A few years later someone related to him called Alex74927 who was also a very brave soldier, on many servers he was called "robin hood" because he had a really good archery skill and he roamed around in the forest with ~20 of his men. he also carried lots of food and enough cobblestone to make a house, he was smart in every kind of situation and he was a strange fellow! He lead his country Into battle against enderdragons, creepers, skeletons, zombies and pigmen. But it didnt stop here, They started to evovle so they could withstand day light! the humans started to feed bones to the wolfs to make them become there allies and if you go to the Epic history server hosted by jr network, You can still see the pc with the message. lots of rumors go around about vahinator and Alex74927 but no one ever knew where vahinator was. lots of rumors spread about him turning into herobine but all these rumors were soon ended when the account vahinator was DELETED along with Alex74927 This Story was made by me So dont u dare go saying u did it



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