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My "good" day...

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My "good" day

So my day started off like it mostly do.. I woke up early, drank my coffee, and went out to wait for my mate who drives me to school every day. But because of the lovely snow that we just got, i had to wait an additional 20 minutes in freezing weather before he was able to pick me up.. Meh.. I got to school, listened to the teacher for 20min, and then worked for around 3 hours, after finishing my work, i had nothing left to do all day, so i just waited the last 4 hours before i was able to finish school for today. I finally finished the day, and had to wait for my mate to drive me home again. But he finished school earlier today, so i had to take bus home instead. After waiting an hour for the bus, it finally arrived so that i was able to get home. After the bus had driven for 10min; the transmission died! And we had to wait 30min for the next one to arrive! God damnit.. Can my day get any worse?



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