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Minor Deformities and Injuries are Terrible.

Most people have gone to the hospital at least once. Whether it be for birth, broken bones, life-threatening illness, or to visit someone you know, we all know what a hospital is and what happens there. I have personally only gone to a hospital 3 times: 1) birth (shocker) 2) Lyme disease (got an awesome scar, missed halloween ) 3) Visit friend with meningitis (he almost died O_O) And yet, I think the things that bug and annoy most people are never things we need to go to the hospital for, those small irritants that bug you, but are never serious. I have notices as I've gotten older... hit puberty (makes me cringe to even type that word...), and had a major stress increase between school and sports getting tougher, that my minor irritants have increased greatly. My first one... since birth I always had spontaneous nosebleeds... I had an over-the-counter medicine just try and prevent it... "try" being the key word. Not until I had a birthday party at a place with a bouncehouse, and failed a backflip (which I can do perfectly now... if someone ever let a tall and handsome, 6 foot teenager into a bouncehouse ) landing on my nose, causing the longest and strongest nose bleed in the history of me... I passed out for 3 hours, and woke up with quite the migraine... I hate nosebleeds, and they hate me. The most common time for me to have a nosebleed is while I'm asleep. Either it wakes me up, or I wake up in the morning, attempt to wipe my nose, and find a mess I don't want to describe and I'm sure no one wants to hear about. Luckily, this problem has almost disappeared at this point, and I no longer worry about it... usually. My second major irritant... my ankles. Once I got into 8th grade, I decided to play on the school soccer team, and even though I am a goalie, I still had to run a LOT more than i was used to. Having practice everyday from maybe once or twice a week, i started getting pain in my ankles. Not the general ache you get from running, but full blown every step is torture, and yet I said nothing as I didn't want to be kicked off the team (quite the dedication for 8th grade, which is still junior high in my town XD). I ended up one day in school not able to deal with it anymore, as walking through the halls, my ankles still hurt from the previous day's practice. I had to see a sport's therapist and found out I have sever flat feet, to the point where my feet roll in and caused stress on my ankles... so now I have form fitting inserts in my shoes, made of tough plastic, which solves the problem, but adds couple minutes whenever switching shoes, and means no shoes are ever comfortable or light anymore... and unlike nosebleeds I'm stuck with this for the rest of my life, or at least until I decide to never walk/run in excess anymore (quite tempting... quite tempting). Also from soccer in middle school (junior high... w/e) came a toe problem. I won't go into detail as no one wants to hear about fungus, skin infections, etc... but needless to say it hurt, burn, and all things not-so-pleasant or not-nice. In an attempt to get rid of it before it completely ate my toe, I went to visit a "foot doctor" (podiatrist) who gave me an ointment to get rid of the infection first. Eventually I came back, and he gave me another ointment for the eczema (irritates/inflamed skin). Before that even started going away I came back for a 3rd cream for the fungus. After 2 years it finally seemed to have gone away... until soccer season this year (3 years after first noticing it) and it's back... in full, all 3 effects and my podiatrist is confuzzled, but with more dollar signs in his eye as he suggest lazer surgery... which my parents have no plans for paying for, nor do I believe it is necessary, although it itches like holy h*** sometimes. And now for a few more recent irritants... You'd be surprised how many people have mysterious "bumps" on their body, most of them being nothing, but then you get the bumps that have "feelings"... I've had one on the inside of my arm (left) for around 2 years now... and recently it has been bugging me like crazy... whenever anything comes in contact with it, I get the same feeling as if someone is poking around inside my blood veins... and I had enough. Being on the inside of my arm, that means anytime it brushes against my sleeve, or my side it acts up... which is ALWAYS!!! So i went to visit my doctor, and he said it was a grouping of capillaries, and that the only cure was to wait for it to go away (great...) and that I needed an ultrasound to make sure whatever they grouped around isn't serious! ($$$$$) So I have that to look forward to next Monday. At the same doctor appointment, I got an answer to yet another old irritant, my jaw! Whenever opening my jaw wide or chewing gum, anything that requires strain on my jaw's part, my muscles would tighten up and become immobile briefly, and forcing it would cause pain that would prevent me from eating for hours.... (can't have that!). Ends up there's a problem with my TMJ joint in my jaw... and that I need to visit the dentist to explain that one, as if it progresses any further it might wake me up at night with intense pain (only remedy (not cure) is sleeping with a special mouth brace/guard at night.... more $$$). Just more good news. So in conclusion... Spontaneous Nosebleeds (gone)
Deformed Feet causing ankle Pain (permanent)
Triple threat on my toe (re-occurring)
Painful Capillary Grouping
Painful Jaw Joint (inflamed TMJ joint)
All of these are not serious enough to go to the hospital or have surgery, and yet they have probably cost over $3,000 at this point, and only one of them is gone, one will never go away, and 3 will last for probably over a year or more. And yet I never get sick... my family has a history of good health. God just had to slap me in the face... can't make anyone perfectly healthy can he? Additional Info: Went for an ultrasound on my mysterious bump monday... guess who has a tumor? My parents are waiting to have the surgery until fencing season though... but hey... can still play minecraft with one arm



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