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Banning Bug And Server Crash/ Server is now down?

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Hey Jrnetwork! Roc here and i just want to share something that is happening to lots of people like me! Im guessing there is a bug with the banning system and kicking system? For example.. Yesterday and today i was kicked for no reason, i was just flying all over the place cause i was bored, then i get kicked? I try logging in but then im banned? Lol Wut? It was late so i went to sleep, i wake up the next day and im not banned anymore... Weird.. Im playing and all of a suden the server crashes. It went up again and im playing and flying all over the place like always then i was kicked and ip banned?!?!? Now the server is down? Lovely Right? Im guessing its down so jamie can fix it but he hasnt posted anything saying he was fixing it... I wonder what gonna happen next. If im wrong on something tell me. Share if you were banned or not below. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. (Please dont rush jamie, hes a busy man for his age and he has lots to take care of. Running a server is not easy as you think!)

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