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First class of the workshop

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Well, what can i say... The first subject was HTML, so it was kind of boring for me, since i already know how to code in it.

We learned how to use Dreamweaver and the main HTML tags, how to open and close an html file, the body and head tags, title, how to create a list, add an image and hyperlinks, also how to create tables, there was a little about how Dreamweaver automatically creates some CSS codes.

But... I did learned something new, now I know that the special chars in HTML (&nbsp - White space, &aacute - á, and more) are called entities. I really did not know that. :D

The class ended with an excercise, where we have to use tables, images, hyperlinks, and those auto generated CSS codes. Something simple and awfull. :lol:

This class remembered me the old highschool days when I used to do static HTML pages using Frontpage and Dreamweaver. :)

I think i actually had a flashback. :lol:

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Wow.... now I remember using Frontpage too! I made a stupid noob website on our solar system, haha :P

  is my favorite entity :)

Don't know about the others, so I'll have to Google them.

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