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Workshop, Class 3

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Today we started with CSS and ended with Javascript.

The teacher started showing us the 3 different methods to use CSS in an HTML: create a style file, create a style inside the HTML file, and add style to a specific tag inside the HTML.

We continued using the most used method and the best one (In a sense of clearness and reuse, since the 3 methods do the same), we created a style file, were he showed us how to style html tags by directly referring to them, a specific HTML item by using the id, and create classes that you can apply later in the HTML code.

After that he talked a bit about the fonts, text and background properties. Then he talked about the important span HTML tag, used to style small selections of a page, but the most important one is the div tag, the most used tag to format a page (it can be considered the substitute of the tables), and ended with the positioning properties.

In the last hour we learned javascript :), showed us how to add a javascript code in an HTML code, played around with the alert, prompt and confirm messages. Then the variables show up, those weird javascript variables with no datatype defined, played around a bit with conversion of strings to numbers and concat of variables.

The class was pretty interesting, but it lasts only 3 hours, so the ones who know about coding will realize how basic everything was, so...now its time to grab a book and learn more about this.

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