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How JR has changed since I first came here.

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I first came to the JR Minecraft server nearly 6 months ago. I looked through many pages of servers listed on Planet Minecraft looking for an up to date server that allowed flying. I came to JR and got help from a member on the first day. They gave me a place to stay and some supplies to get started. I built a house and thought I had it made. I got attacked in my house and killed by a player who wanted to get experience by killing other players, so he stayed at my spawn and stabbed me in the back about 8 times in a row. Needless to say, I was not happy, I thought that was too much, so I sent an e-mail to Jamie about it. I didn't expect much, but was surprised to hear from him the next day saying it was against the rules and he would speak to the other player about it. My house was griefed several times and I was very nearly ready to leave JR, but one of the staff explained worldguard to me and I haven't had any trouble since.

I spoke to Jamie yesterday about JR's popularity ratings on Planet Minecraft and came to realize that for most categories JR is on the first page of server listings. When I first found it on PM it was many pages from the top. Now it is very close to the top and Jamie's hard work is paying off in the popularity of his server. I am impressed at the increase in popularity. I know Jamie works hard to make his server more popular, but I never expected it to become this popular this quickly. I just wanted people to know that Jamie's hard work is making this server a great place to play Minecraft. I hope that financial benefits come with the popularity so Jamie can afford to keep improving it. Those of you who like it here, and have never thought about the expense, just realize that it isn't free to operate. If you can afford to buy Gold for more features, I recommend it, and your purchase will help make sure that this server stays online. Sorry if this sounds like an advertisement, but I really like Jamie's Minecraft server and want to see it stay on line for as long as possible.

So, how has it changed? It's more popular. Other than that it's still up to date. Jamie is still working hard. Most players are still helpful. Still a few troublemakers. Overall I guess it is the same fun place to play Minecraft.


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I know how you feel Robert :P

We joined around the same time, but it's funny to think how when we joined it was impressive to get 20 people at a time... But 70 people was like a dream!

Even though compared to Petey or Flaw I'm a noob, JR really started evolving a month or two after we joined XD

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Yeah I joined the next day after Rob did and I was afraid of the "mobs" now I don't even pay them attention much ...sometimes it's fun to watch a creeper take out a skeleton or zombie...BOOM I wouldn't allow them on my own minecraft game now I will. I would never had done that without playing here. I love all the neat plug ins too ..especially god mode.... cant help it not getting killed ...I am such a klutz..ha ha Jamie works hard on the server ...and never sleeps ...cause he is either worried about the server or updating it. If you have not played on any other server me ...JRs is the best ...honestly. Plus I love the players ...most of them anyway ,

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