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My opinion: About getting promoted

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You know, this question is pretty well-known:

"How do I get promoted to [insert your rank here boi]?"

Well, once you ask that you might get the same answer:

"Get trust", or something like that. Maybe "Be trusted".

If you really do want to get promoted to, for example, Grief Police, think twice.

Maybe thrice if necessary.

Think about these questions:

1) Am I helpful and friendly, do I really deserve getting promoted?

2) Do I know how to use for example, Logblock and many other commands? People may ask you questions, and you can't just say "I don't know, really. Ask another moderator." (If you're grief police, you don't need to know the moderation commands for example, /tempban. This is pretty obvious.)

3) Am I well-known? I cannot just go "Hey I just recently joined now can I get promoted I am helpful!!!".

4) Do I have to work too hard in my opinion, will I engage to protect the server from trolls/griefers etc.?

Ok, this is my opinion about getting promoted. Opinion, got it? :P

Discuss about it. I think I did forgot some important questions.

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Recommended Comments

Trust is a big part of getting promoted, so is how you get along with others. I was bumped up to mod because I helped Jamie in a pinch when the server moved to the new map. It was absolute chaos. Questions flying everywhere and Jamie was trying his best to sort out the issues as they arose. Being staff is not an easy job and not for the quick tempered..trust me ..I am slow tempered but I have been pushed to the limit. I love all of you guys and gals both young and (cough cough ) old ...lol Just remember as staff you might not get to build and play as much as you did before. There are things you are required to do...home work or chores like. It is very rewarding when you are able to help another player who is having trouble with an issue, be it griefing or just finding a place to call home. :)

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