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My opinion: About getting promoted - response

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k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me


This is in response to Neutralization's blog -

This brings up the points Neutralization brought up in his blog entry and my view on them.

1) Am I helpful and friendly, do I really deserve getting promoted?

Being helpful and friendly is the main reason you will get promoted. Whether helping tourists in how to become a citizen, or helping members understand rules and commands. Also having a good grasp of the English language and being easy to understand are also plus's, because what is the point helping someone who doesn't understand you. Having additional languages also helps for members who have not yet got to grasps with English.

2) Do I know how to use for example, Logblock and many other commands?

This one is not really important, because other staff members would have no problem in helping to show you how to use commands correctly, and after using them once, you'll know them straight off. Since I was gone for around 6 months due to college, JR has changed massively as well as the plugins so I was not sure about most commands. I re-learned practically all the commands in a hour or two and never really had to ask much help after that. Most commands are so straight forward anyway that you could guess them (which is what I've been doing with most of them :P ). But if your not certain, just ask another member of staff and they will have no problem in helping you out (btw, thanks guys ;) ).

3) Am I well-known? I cannot just go "Hey I just recently joined now can I get promoted I am helpful!!!"

Agreed, you cannot go onto a server and demand staff straight when you get on, 90% of those people are the ones who will either cause trouble or leave straight away because they cant get it. Around 1 month is a good length of time, as during that time players and staff would have gotten to know you and have a good understanding of how mature you are. And I don't mean completely mature because nobody likes a dryballs, but that you have a reasonable limit which you don't consistently go over, and that you show responsibility in your actions.

4) Do I have to work too hard in my opinion, will I engage to protect the server from trolls/griefers etc.?

No, working too hard will cause you to go mad and just loose it. You can still have fun while helping people out, members will like you more for it. In the 3 days I've been back, I've been on around a total of 30 hours (maybe a little more), helping everyone I could, yet still had time to build my tower and mess around with some of the users. You need to find a balance that suits you. But then again, I love helping people so that makes it easy for me to come on hours on end (which is why I stopped for college because I know for a fact minecraft affected my Leaving certificate).

A few added points by me ;)

Contently bugging Staff (especially Jamie) will not help you if you are looking for a staff position. Now, I don't mean with fixing griefs and stuff you cannot do. But I mean asking staff about every little thing that you can find on the wiki, or youtube. By asking these questions, you are showing that you cannot look for the answers yourself and have to be handed everything. The second Jamie comes on, 101 questions are asked, 100 of which can be answered on the wiki. If it is important or you don't completely understand something, ask another member of staff who isn't doing 50 things at one time like Jamie, that is why we are there.

I know for a fact, several names came to mind when I said that. But not saying who those names are ;)

That is it really, all of which are common sense. And it's the ones with common sense who will be future mods and admins.

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Well, I do agree that you really don't have to know all the commands when you get promoted. I was thinking about that if the other grief polices+ will tell you how to use them. And about working too hard: I think "too hard" was a little too much. But I've been a mod in a classic server and got "bored". Sad.

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It does get quite hard :/ trying to fix a grief, then having three other people have a grief they want fixed at the same time >.<

But I'm also pretty sure the classic server didnt have 50-70 people on at a time haha

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