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IgbarX's Blog

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The n00bing

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alright, this is my first blog post, so, i dont think anyone will read this.

So, here is the story I call, the n00bing

When JR was down for a day, I needed a server to play on.

I found one that seemed fit, and it wasn't half bad! (JR still beats it though!)

So, later, when I came back from AFK, it said IgbarX is no longer AFK! but I had never set my statues to AFK.

so I asked, " does it automatically set my statues?"

then one of the admins says, "no. dont you know (server thingy here)?"

admin guy: you are such a noob! you probably just got the game!

me: no. infact, I am helper statues on different server

admin guy: can you craft wool?

well, I never craft wool, it's easier to get off sheep.

so I said: nope

admin guy: yes you can!

me: oh! right! string makes wool!

admin guy: just stop talking noob!

me: I'm leaving, be back later!

I checked JR, it was still down. so I log back into the other server.

admin guy: came crawling back I see!

that's when, I saw some jerk burning my house!

me: that's it! I'm leaving this place! goodbye forever everyone! (logs out)

that's end of story, tell me if I should post more blog entries

k, bye

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