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Me, My Life And How I feel about JR



This is a short descriptive view of my life and what happens from day to day and what has happened in the past. I have no idea why I'm writing this, But beware, It may contain some horrible things, somethings that could cross your nerves or annoy you. I just want to express myself. It will ramble, it will have grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, but this ain't an essay.

Now I can't say I'm smart. I'm seriously lucky to be where I am today. In my youth, I was a rebel, an idiot with no worries, nothing to be scared of. I only just passed my leaving certificate in Ireland, I was sure to fail, but of a miracle I bloody passed. (Strange as how my school life ended - Not sleeping correctly, staying asleep at school, or skipping classes). I have never been to college (it was either college - Education.. I hate education or a full time job).

I got my full time job and business partnership with luck and been able to show my boss JR, Nothing more. Luckily at the shop I was working at part time while I was at school, wanted to close down and my old boss gave me an awesome recommendation :) I got a parttime job with my old boss just by sticking around and talking, helping. It wasn't an offical part time job, but I treated it like one. At that stage in my life, I had nothing to do and my school was just annoying the hell out of me.


I work 6 days a week, in a business I have invested 5% in (Before you butt in and say oh, only 5%, that's enough extra profit for me). Anyway, I work 6 days a week, Scratch that. Everyday. Morning to Evening. From (9:30 - 5 PM). I work as a computer specialist, working with networking, system maintenance, viral repair and rescue, system building, console repair, website development and more. I also teach thursdays which makes my day even more tiring as I work till 8 PM and every hour of everyday from 12am - 12am I work at this place... JR. Even at work.

During my time working at my day job, I go on call outs or work in the office, It's seriously tough working at a computer screen day in day out but it gives you a sense of satisfaction most days that you either learn't something new or that you have done something to help you or another person.

When I get home, I grab a bite to eat and them I'm working on JR. From website design and development, to minecraft server configuration and then other things related to JR. I never get a break.

People think... It's easy to run JR, its not... I have hundreds of emails to reply to each day. Hundreds of new people to talk to, thousands of small questions to answer on minecraft when I login and I crash when everyone shouts rebel when I login (no shit most of the time I do)

I work at JR for two things. My love for my community. Experience and a sense of satisfaction that for once I was able to pull off something I never have done before.

Before JR, I didn't know much about webdesign. I started JR as a project as a hobby to make me less bored. I loved the web, but it always troubled me that I could never do much to make anything on the web. I tryed countless tutorials and methods on how to develop and design my website. Thing is, I had no plan, no ideas, no creative flow. Just bored self >.<

In the end I teamed up with kev and david at school, me been a website developer ( I knew nothing ) and kev and david bringing my ideas together. Which worked excellent. Since that day we started to brainstorm ideas the ideas have never stopped coming, we always have something new in the works, we always are working to better ourselves.

From the start of JR 5 years ago I have never been so tired, (sometimes not feeling great) and upset. It has not been easy. I have started to control my emotions JR has been so stressful, Especially this last year. Organization has been the only thing that I have struggled with. My whole life. Thanks to flaw and peter we have become more organized and we can now take on more challenging tasks while been organized.

Since the start I have NEVER ever learnt as much creating JR as I have with anything else. As I commented, (Strange as how my school life ended - Not sleeping correctly, staying asleep at school, or skipping classes). This was because of JR, JR turned my life around.

I don't sleep well these days, I don't get many breaks, I'm telling you this to give you an idea of why I sometimes break down in rage, get annoyed easily or just end up crying on the phone to Tawny. I work hard for you guys, Each and every member at JR gives me the will and push to keep JR running, to keep developing JR, to keep producing new ideas every day. If everyone left. I'd have nothing, I'd be lost and I wouldn't know what to do with myself. JR to you may only be a small website. It may only be a small thing that you visit each day. But to me... JR is my way of life, I eat, breathe and sleep JR.

A couple of times, I have thought that this is the end to the community, this big silly website idea. But their has always been a couple of people behind me egging me on (kev,david,tawny,damian,joey), a voice in the back of my head saying don't stop Jamie.

I was bullied in school. (Thanks to joey (prometheus33), I felt a lot better when I met him on xbox live, also he helped me calm, I never told him but he made me forget about the bullys and to have a good time, now we are as close as brothers now). Not to sound strange but if I wasn't bullied, I wouldn't have wanted to show the world that I was more than just your average guy. I learn't guitar, I learn't how to use a computer, I learn't how to code, develop and design complex things. A lot of advice I can give to you, if your in school, if you have problems, stick with it. But don't give up in what you believe.

Seriously, these days, I can't go without 30 minutes without making sure the servers are online, the website is up and that JR is still there. I can not thank the hundreds of people that sign up each day, It means more to me, that you are contributing, joining something that I thought nobody would be bothered with and something I have devoted my life to for 5 years.

I may not be in the best of forms, but to me JR is my life force and the one of a couple of things keeping me strong and happy. Without it I'd have no job, I'd be bored, I wouldn't get out of bed each morning and I certainly would not be happy.

I'm starting to get a grip with my life now, but there are times where I can upset people, I can be upset and if I have ever upset you, then I am deeply sorry. I just hope I can continue to improve. My main aims are to stop my emotions making me upset constantly, to be able to take more of a joke, instead of taking it to heart. To grow up a bit. I'm still a kid. I'm 18 and I act so childish I'm getting sick of it.

Thanks to everyone that has supported me, supported this website and supported the community. You guys are awesome, we are starting to grow huge. I just hope that I can continue to do as much as I can for you.


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That made me cry a little :')

Your start as a delinquent into someone who found a goal in life is a classic inspiration story brought to life :D

Very touching post, good to know where JR came from, and gave us an idea of what you are going through whenever you snap at someone (luckily that has never been me XD).

I hope me and the other staff will always be there to push you in the right direction if your determination should ever waver, and if we aren't enough, the entire community of thousands shall be right at our back!

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Agreed Piffy and Jugga :)

And I'm glad I found JR, it helped me as well... When I joined JR in September I'd been going through a rough patch... I'd been just feeling abandoned and hated by everyone… I'd also just been feeling like I was crap at everything but my friend had shown me Minecraft. I has been playing it and then I just went into a rut where I couldn't play games or anything really... Finally I decided to find a multiplayer server and found JR. I made friends with a bunch of people and then made friends with Iggy and Piffy and then it got better, I got more self-confidence and I just in general felt better :)

So thank YOU Jamie and I just wish I could help you more...

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Very touching story, Jamie :')

Before I found minecraft I was bored and didn't really know what to do. When I got sick of singleplayer, I looked up servers, I wanted to find one that allowed flying and had a good community.

Then I found JR and I havn't really been bored since :D

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Nice post Jamie!

I think I am becoming somewhat like you. I don't work on JR like you do, but JR is always there, I'm constantly checking it and posting and I don't know why, but I feel that it is a job just to post and whatnot.

Before JR, I was working on a forum with Laya and he was the one who showed me to JR when things didn't go so well on his forums. I know the lot of us like taking shortcuts but, through ranks, JR has given me something to achieve. Along the way, I've met a lot of awesome people who have been able to relate so closely to me it felt like we shared a brain. And of course these people helped me from all aspects of my life even if they were deemed trivial.

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I read your blog last night and wanted to add a reply then, but I wanted my comments to be helpful. You should know that your accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. I can't tell you if JRNetwork or Minecraft will continue for very long, but your performance at this point in time can't be unnoticed. Your server is on the first page of a list of over 20000 servers listed for most categories. While this venture may not continue on for a long time. Your accomplishments in it have been noticed. You may not be able to make a living from JR or Minecraft, but you have a very good reputation and a lot of friends. Some people go their entire lives without accomplishing what you have done so far. Your accomplishments so far will bring you a good chance at success at whatever goals you may have now or in the future.

You may think that because you haven't achieved perfection, that you haven't done a good job. Perfection is a goal that can't be reached as long as you can think of ways to make it better. Excellence is a better way of determining our progress. If we have done better than most with the same resources, it is a good indicator that we are doing a good job. If your goal is to please people, be ready to be disappointed because not everyone wants the same thing, so a few people will not be happy with what you have done. I know much of what I have said may sounds cliche, but that's what happens to things that are true.


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Jamie. i never knew much about you other than you being an awesome guy who is nice and dedicated to JR. but now i see how you've gone through so much to make others happy and barely care about sufficing your needs. I just want to say thank you for everything you've done. thanks for everything Jamie. i just wish i could do something to help you because you are a busy guy with more to you than i would have ever known. i promise to now to be more grateful for everything you do for this wonderful websi... no. community that houses thousands of people. I salute you Jamie, and your pure awesomeness. you inspire me.

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and before JR. i was a kid who played single player or was on other "popular" servers. although when my friend "metaawesome" told me about JR, i just had to try it. as soon as i got on, i got a heart-warming welcome as i got on. i registered immediately. although there were sad times, i never forgot the nice and great people on JR who would be there, to liven it up and make me forget all about the sad things that happened in real life. to me, JR was like a 2nd home where i wouldn't return sad, but happy, laughing and talking with everyone around JR. although i may not have the best life but i have it all in JR. i couldn't ask for any more from it. thank you Jamie and everyone else who was there when i first joined and thanks for helping me out at all time.

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very intresting jamie your life sounds tadbit bad in the past but sounds like youve got an ok living plus youve got lots of lovely minecrafters to make life even better for you (Excluding banned members or Complaints about greifing and or promotions) but besides them youve got the rest of use to make you (Hopefuly) proud :)

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Jamie what could we do,

What could we do without you,

The time has long since past,

Where we could fly by JR so damn fast,


Has never been lazy,


Has never been disloyal,


Boy, oh boy i dont know how to say this but,

We love you jamie,

we really do!

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