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Dying because of warps - it's getting annoying

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Today, I got killed by a warp again. It's really stupid you can actually get killed by a warp. Ridiculous.

I lost everything.. again. :/ I don't think I will gather everything again.. I think someone has to do something.

Getting killed by a warp and losing all your stuff does not make sense, at all.

Well, I guess that was it.

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Recommended Comments

I honestly worry more about dying when I fall from fly mod. If zombe has nofall attached to the fly mod, the Wavesludge is right. Mycraft=Mycrap. Lol.

Anyway, I understand, but couldn't use use /back? XD

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I know what you mean Neutral, I don't know what causes it, but you can't get your things back usually. Really sucks. I lost full diamond armor in hardcore world! XD

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ive had the same problems when i /home i was stuck in sand and when i did /warp forest i was half stuck in dirt it becomes a pain just be prepared to jump out (luckly JR added in when dead items return :D thank god)

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