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Arcade Introduction



Hey guys, welcome to my arcade blog!

I have recently started making an arcade, with single-player, multiplayer, and soon gambeling games. For now, there are 3 single player games, and one multiplayer games. The finished singleplayer games are: "Sand Pusher", "Diamond catcher", and "Animal shootdown". The one multiplayer game is "Cow vs. Mooshroom".

You collect loot from each singleplayer game (sand from Sand Pusher, diamond blocks from Diamond Catcher (duh), and beef from Animal Shootdown), which can be traded for jr cash. PLEASE NOTE: Only the diamond blocks, sand, and beef can be traded for money. anything else is worthless. There is no loot for the multiplayer games.

I really hope you will enjoy it, and feel free to give me any feedback, or game recommendations!

You can play at the arcade on jr at /warp arcade.

Mecmax445 & the arcade team


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