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What I have been upto



Okay so here is what I have been doing lately:

*Working on JROS - JR Operating System

*Working on JRLand

*Getting a Motorbike 120cc

*Working on JR Videos

*Working on getting more active on JR Community

* Thinking about doing Daily VLogs

*Doing some exams and shizzle.

*Doing videos for my Youtube Channel

*Doing a new build for my PC;

  • 6 X 2TB Internal HDD
  • 2 X 1.5TB External HDD
  • 32GB of DDR3 Memory
  • ATI 6990 GraphicsCard
  • I7 Extreme Processor Overclocked
  • 3X HDMI Splitters
  • 6 X ACER H274HLbmd 27" Full HD LED-Backlit Monitor's
  • 1 X Razer Naga hex mouse
  • 1 X Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition Keyboard

*Doing some Letsplays and other things...

*Annoying staff cause I am cool

Thats about it for now... Not much really. So if anyone has some suggestions then please tell me

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