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[Explicit] Video Games and Education

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Warning this contains poor language. Please do not continue if such language offends/upsets you.

Please note that all these views come from a middle class American teenage male who lives in a rural area.

So this morning I was spending time with my dad, being Father's day and we were watching my parents favorite morning show and this thing about how boys aren't as successful in college and school and women were becoming more successful. Then at one point the people on the show were discussing and the lady said, "It's because boys have trouble sitting still for more then ten minutes." to which I thought, "Almost but it's more like that's how long we can manage to give a shit to what the teacher is trying to drill into our heads, they're boring." But what my mom goes on and says upsets me. Quite a bit actually due to the fact that I am a gamer.

"It's not that. It's those mind-numbing video games."

I had to leave because that annoyed me quite a bit.

The reason it upset me is that because that's not true. While that appears to be true, that's a mask to the actual reasoning. There are many ways as to why this isn't true.

1) There are plenty of people who do good and play video games. (Myself as an example, I'm a high honors student and I spend much of my free time on video games)

2) There are girls who play video games (As the reports that boys were not going to college as much etc and girls were and my mom said it was video games, and there are many of girls who play video games)

3) There are many bad teachers. It's simple, bad teacher equals bad student equals bad grade equals no college.

4) Many times it's the parenting. While yes this is usually looked on as a 'bull shit excuse' it's true in this case. If the parent raised them to not care as much about studies and so on, then nine times out of ten why will the kid? Also with quite a few 'white trash' families coming up, the kids just adopt that mind set and act horribly, and stop caring about school. I mean really, the many of the parents around my town could give a rat's ass less what their kids do.

5) Sports. In every school you have what are called 'jocks' (no offense if you are part of this clique) I'm not referring to the ones who actually do study, but the ones who are the stupid guy who does stupid pranks and jokes to 'nerds' because he thinks it's funny. These guys are the ones who think they only need sports to succeed, so they screw over every fucking thing they're told and say, 'screw school I'm good enough at football(rugby football not soccer football, stupid as it is >.>)/basket ball/baseball I'll go pro and I won't need education hurr hurr."

Believe what you want on these things, but I believe many times that it's one or up to five of these things that is the fault of teenage males not doing as good. It's a simple fact, some people aren't meant for education too. You can lead a successful life without education. Video games are not the source of all evil! What a shocker! In fact video games have brought more good then bad to the world. Without video games, many many MANY people would be without work (my sister-in-law for example (works for EA)) and other places would be poor as fuck without them, video games drag in huuuuge profits for places and provide hundreds or thousands of jobs, for the programmers, animators, developers, advertisers, etc. While yes video games do distract teenagers from homework and so on, it's also up to the parents to help get the teens to do their work and tell them that they should figure else what else they'd like to do and when you find out they're doing bad to help them.

So you may think I'm just a stupid immature teenager this is what I believe and I believe this is right. I'm sure many of you agree with me, with a similar mind set as me. I know I may have this all wrong but I'm pretty sure I have actual points as to why boys my age are doing worse, actually coming from that view.

So now I'm wondering what are your thoughts? Post below and tell me.



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Same here. Human nature these days is starting to show more than it ever has. Hence all the trashy families coming up that do not care about anyone else, but worst of all, they don't even care about themselves!!!!!!!

(Sorry for showing my anger.)

I do program mods and play games, a lot. I'm still an IB honors student.

Teachers are becoming as bad as the parents these days. Not caring about anything but their pay check!

The sports kids are where most of the bullies come from. They think sports will lead them through their lives, but, it does not work that way. Sports require a knowledge of math and science as well. Even if you meet the requirements for the professional sports, only a select handful can get official positions!

The , "women are succeeding," thing is so false. Both genders are letting their true nature, human nature, show. They both want to get everything for nothing and not care about anything, not even themselves.

This is a sad story, and from just these facts, I think Humanity is reaching its last few breaths before it collapses into chaos. Forever.

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Well, you are also forgetting what kinds of games.

For instance, some jocks do play games, but it CoD or some other game like that. This might be offensive to you CoD fans, but this is for point proving.

If all you play is CoD, your imagination is more limited to shooting people, only thinking little, and playing for hours, no brain thinking needed.

But, if you play Minecraft, you're more prone to think better. Minecraft inspires creativity, thinking, and architectural skills. Unless you're a griefer, and if you are, ever heard of Call Of Duty? I heard it's fun for people like you!

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Obviously those people forget the games played by gamers are ones of skill if they say our Military and Space programers are not successful I say ..someone measures success strangely. Might be why more schools are incorporating more computers in them. Gaming teach skills and a skill with carry you farther in the Job market than a college degree. Most times it's "who" you know not "what" you know. Keep up the good work though Carter!

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