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Whale Watch

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***WARNING*** May contain things that should not be read, please take caution ***WARNING***

Alright, so, for our class field trip for school, we went on a whale watch! Seems fun, right? Okay, well, keep reading, and we'll find out. First, we get on a bus, about an hour long ride, but whatever, I can take it. Me and my 20Q were having some fun. Then, we get off, and go in an aquarium. Now, I thought this would be fun, but as you grow up, aquariums lose their fun. Then, we see a movie about animals under the ocean. The movie kept trying to make you feel guilty, but sneaking in a line like, "These animals once flourished, but are now endangered because of build up of human filth." So, here comes the fun part. We get on a boat for whale watching. At first, everyone gets into the lobby/cabin main room thing. First thing you notice, it smells, bad. Fumes are clearly distinguishable. So, we eat or foods, then most kids get to the front of the boat. The wind in our hair, our voices being cared away by the wind. Then, a boat staff guy makes us get off the front of the boat, because some idiots were jumping up and down, even after being told NOT to. So, we go to the upper decks, playing the balance game. Well, here's where things get nasty.

As the boat goes back and forth, really fast, some people start, well, ugh, not enjoying things. First, people start going pale, and some looking miserable. I go to the middle deck, nice and windy there. I lean on the railing, close my eyes, and try to sleep, for I am feeling not to hot myself. Then, our big (and I mean big) science teacher comes around, and hands out 'momentous' for our trip. Really, they are barf bags. I grab one, and just hold it there, "I might need it" I tell myself. Well, my friends come by regularly to check on me and give me updates on what is happening on other parts of the ship. One of my friends tossed his lunch, and so did many others. Lots of people were passed out and fainted, still as pale faced as ever. When my teacher comes by again, she says to not close your eyes, look at the horizon. So I do so, thinking she might be right. Well, not at all. First, when you look at the horizon, it's wobbly, because the rest of you is going up and down. So, a few minutes after, with my friend right there, out pops my lunch, out into the wind, on the side of the boat, and maybe on the people of the lower deck, but they'll never know. I then do so a few more times, until my stomach refuses to give anymore. I then look down at myself, seeing not only the ocean and the people of the lower deck received a present from me. I got a bit of a mess on myself, as well. So, I then do what my teacher said to NOT do, and close my eyes. I start getting cold, but I then realize being cold is better than being sick, and stand there, leaning on the railing, shivering. At one point, a lady steps up and offers me her jacket, I turn her down, not wanting to mess her jacket up, and also so I can remain cold, and not be sick. When we reach the whales, I realized it was a total bull of a trip. Whales, boring as heck. You can see water shoot up, their backs, and maybe their tail, but they are nothing majestic. So then the boat turns, another hour trip back to the harbor. Me cold the entire way. We get back, I cover myself in a sweatshirt as to not disturb others. And then comes the highlight of the trip. I'm standing with my friend, talking about random stuff as always, when one of his friends comes over to him, with quite the interesting story. "Dude, my hands are gross! Got any wipes?" he says. "Why? What happened?" my friend asks. "Well, I was drumming on the side of the boat, and then my hands feel weird. So, I then look over the side of the railing, to see someone's puke on the side of the boat!I HAD TOUCHED SOMEONE'S PUKE!" Well, we then go back into town, grab a bite to eat, and head home, with showers sure to follow.

So, lesson for you all, DON'T GO ON WHALE WATCHES!!!!

P.S. My mom said I wouldn't need any medicine, "You'll be fine!"

Other kids did take medicine, and sure as heck coughed it up later.

And this is a TRUE story, so, laugh all you want, because it sure happened, and sure was funny!

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AGGGGGGGHHHHHH. I agree so much. Whale watches, not fun. I was on that, and while I didn't get sick, almost everyone did. So.... Yeah. Stupid Whales, won't let us watch you without getting sick....

Thank you for almost barfing on me Iggy. Much appreciated.

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