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K2's Thoughts

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Wow, has it been a while that I've put this off now. No particular reason, I just keep procrastinating on this topic. Now seems like a good time to put it into physical context though. This is kind of to get to things off of my chest.

[1] What has recently been happening with staff.

[2] Everyone that has told me I should apply for a Helper position.

I'm going to start with the first one there, as I think my response to that matter can be put simply: It doesn't affect me, so I don't care what happened. As always, I'm sad to see any staff member be removed, for whatever reason(s), and for whatever length of time. But the fact of the matter is that I'm not involved in it in any way, shape, or form. Moreover, I am not a staff member. Will it affect my ability to play on the server? No, and therefore, I couldn't care less about whatever happened, and/or what the effect of it will be.

That ties nicely into what I promised I would write about in my next blog: why I would turn down Helper should it be offered to me. Before I found JR, I was so disgusted with the servers out there that I had my own. Unlike someone who believed that he could run a huge, 100 person server, I kept it realistic. I had it strictly for family and close personal friends. I actually had it up until the point where I registered for JR. At that point, I told everyone that had access to it why I shut it down, and I turned it off.

There isn't even anything wrong with it; I could power up the machine and it would automatically start back up (I had it on a small, but dedicated box). A lot of these people that used to have access to my server still won't talk to me. I had my server for one reason: I wanted to be able to play with people that I trusted, and I wanted to be able to fly around while I built.

As I said I was always disgusted with other servers, I also have never before in my life donated to a server in any way, for a donator rank or just because I thought the server deserved it. The closest I've ever come to actually giving money for Minecraft-related things (besides actually buying Minecraft) was giving $10 to rodox for his telethon when his house burned down (or whatever it was). In return I got a nice door added to the Painterly Pack in my name (modeled like a window, so that it looks more modern). But I digress, that's a bit off topic.

I guess my point here is that I love JR. I love it for multiple reasons, and while I'll try to list all of them here, I guarantee I'll think of a few more in a few hours.

  • I never have to question if all the work I've done will be ruined. (Kudos to Jamie on that - I've never before seen a server give basic WorldEdit perms to it's standard members!)
  • I always know that I'm not going to jump on at a wrong time and hear language, etc. that I just don't want to hear.
  • I can almost always say that I would consider at least one person who is online a friend.
  • The JR Forums are some of the most highly organized and efficient that I've ever seen, so staying on the Forums for hours at a time is just a pleasure!
  • There is always something to do, if I should get tired of building whatever it is I'm building at the moment. With two (currently) MobArenas, CTF, TDM, Thunderstorm, Spleef, PvP, a true anything goes hardcore, HungerGames, Skyblock, and Iggy's infamous 'The Hunt', there is always something to do!
  • The rules aren't stupid like some other ones I've seen. As far as I'm concerned, JR doesn't even need them - they are all things that I would personally consider common sense.
  • Even though the server itself is in (unless I'm mistaken) France, I have never had a ping to the server more than 350ms, and I usually don't have anything less than 400ms to servers that are in America! (Excluding my old one of course, since I was on a LAN with the server.)
  • And as I've said, I'm sure I could think of even more if I let myself ramble on about this!

The point is, I've finally found a place where I just enjoy being a member of the community. I don't even feel this welcome on my college campus, which I'm paying a lot more money to be at (Screw them all)!

Its really for this reason that I won't apply for Helper, and I would turn it down if I was given it without applying. I won't say who has told me that they think I would be a good choice for Helper, but I would like them to know (if they are reading this) that I greatly appreciate them telling me that they believe that.

There is, in my mind, a difference between being helpful, and being a helper. Right now, I'm just loving being a member of a community where I feel like I belong. For this reason, I love being helpful - but that doesn't qualify me for being a Helper. I feel I need to be with JR for at least a little bit longer in order to have the loyalty required to be on the staff team. Even though Helpers are technically staff-in-training, they are in my mind still on the staff team.

I think my thoughts and this blog can best be summed up by a quote from someone who obviously has the same thinking as me.

"If a person has to have a title before they get the job...They might not deserve the title". C. Hicks

I don't think I even need to say who uses this in their signature. I think most people will know who it is I'm referring to. :)


Recommended Comments

(to k2trf) I like this post, Never wanna rush into something.

That's why I always say that I never want to be an admin i'm happy with what I have now.

this don't mean that I don't think you would not be a good helper, I think you would do very well.

And (to all members) everyone should know that they can help with the server by making reports (For Grief Only), and listening to staff, and patient with other players and staff. Its really a big help even tho it does not seem like it.

Love you all!

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...just smiling :)....we will add you one day. Waiting patiently.

At least for now I want to keep saying no, but you said the exact same thing about me being Gold... -_-

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