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Well, This Is A Temp Farewell



Hey JR,

Alright, I'm just going to warn you, this is a sad post. Basically, I can't go on JR for a month. I'm pretty sad about this, I love JR, and I won't see it until late July. The reason is that I am going to camp. I'm just making it clear to everyone our there who thinks I am leaving forever: I WILL BE COMING BACK. I would never quit JR and I am proud of being a part of it. You see, the cool thing about JR is no matter where or how long you go, you're always part of the community. And I know, that you guys will still accept me in the community when I return. Now, my citizen+ will run out, and I am going to mis some of the JRgames, which is also disappointing. But still, at least I am part of the JR community! So, I just made this post to let everybody know where I was going to be in the next month.

I'm leaving on Sunday, so today is my last day on JR. But I must be going now, I can't make this post SO long :P.

Well, this is a good bye for a while,



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Either make a blog post, or talk about it in the home/away topic. Don't do both or more.

Anyway, have fun at camp :)

Oh sorry bout that :P I was confused where to put it.

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