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Option one: Metalwork.

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It's a bird! It's a plane! Oh, it's a flying troll -_-

Hi! It's Andre. I've found a new opportunity; career-wise!

Well, I am very versatile whenever it comes to decisions such as the following. Over my first year in High School, I have discovered that I succeed in many fields of occupations. Biology, Zoology, Geology, Volcanology, History, Paleontology, - the list is endless. It's basically everything that doesn't in include Math. The other day, I was formally asked about copper. The conversation then evolved into ores, smelting, efficiency, smelting carbon and so on. I suddenly realised, I knew a whopping load about metalwork! (One of the reasons I play minecraft, smelting and crafting) I took this into my own hands, I went on Wikipedia and looked at metalwork. Everything I was looking at was an overview of my insight - I already knew everything that I was reading! This opened up a new portal of opportunity! As I progress in my respective schoolwork studies, I'll be sure to research more about metalsmithery. My Uncle; David works in the same fields that I want to work in, I may as well ask him!

Until next time;

..::~Le Warmees~::..

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There are quite a few vastly different areas in that field. You can go more toward the collection side, dealing with mining and the raw ore, or raw material production, which is taking that ore and turning into something someone else can use, i.e., taking iron ore and turning it into cold-rolled steel bar stock.

Welding itself is a hugely varied profession, and a very necessary one. The options there are night, day, and everything in between; everything from structural steel buildings, to oil pipelines to aerospace welding. There are quite a few different kinds of metalworking processes as well, different metals, techniques, high tech, low tech, and of course what I do, which is really, really low tech, being your neighborhood friendly oldtimey blacksmith.

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