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Randomness and Facts About ME!



Helloes! Guess who it is? If you guessed wrong or didn't guess at all, it's me, Smm! (AKA Ben AKA Potato Kind AKA Rarity) Hoorah!

So I haven't done a blog since July. I'll bet you missed me. I'd probably lose that bet, but what's life without risks? I don't know... but anyway, I had to find SOMETHING to talk about, so I have decided to list random events that have occured as well as some information into the background of the life of Smmbod.

So first, the stuff of interest. Yesterday was my 14th Birthday! Yay! I got lot's of stuff that I may or may not have deserved, including and mostly limited to:

  • Astro V2 Gaming Headset (It's silver :o)
  • Guild Wars 2 (Epic game ^_^)
  • Various Amazon gift cards (From my generous but un-original relatives)
  • Assorted stuff from the Mann Co. Store (Thank you Saxton Hale :lol:)
  • A boat. (Not just for me, my parents just decided to buy it on my birthday)
  • 15 eggs (From my chickens. That's the most EVER in one day! They clearly knew it was my birthday -_-)

So that's pretty much it. I'm satisfied. It doesn't help that I have a twin sister... the guilt always comes when I find out how much they spent in total...

SECOND EVENT! Schools started on the 29th. Actually pretty exciting. Finally the oldest in middle school. Bow down to me little 7th/6th graders! You and your potatoes are MINE! Nah. I love them, I share MY potatoes with them. So... not much is different. Different teachers, sure. Although finally learning algebra... yay. Also doing an online learning program called VMS (Virtual Middle School) which is fun. Yay technology and learning! Best combo. So school is fun. In a school kind of way.

THIRD EVENT! Pretty awesome. I posted it as a status a while ago. My family recently got a new puppy. He's a Beagle/Pug/Chihuahua (Also known as a Chuggle :P) (10 weeks old). Yesterday (MY BIRTHDAY!) We named him. Cooper. That's his name. I was going to post a blog about him and pictures and stuff so you could all name him, but I never got any good pictures of him. So Cooper. I call him Coopity Doo for no reason. My cat, Macy, does not like him. But... I think they'll bond nicely one day. Maybe go share a potato salad together.

So that's all the interesting things. That's all. Not much. :(

So... info about me! So I first have to explain my name: S.M.M.B.O.D. if you've seen my forum posts, you'll know that it stands for Super Mighty Mega Ben of Doom. Why is that my name? Why is that acronym so looooong? Here's why. I loved to draw when I was little. Mostly fantasy stuff that I imagined me doing. My first creation was of the adventures of The Mighty Ben. A space ranger who shoots spicy chicken wings out of his megaman like hand cannon. He mostly killed space slugs and other assorted baddies. So I wanted to make Mighty Ben even awesomer. I extended the name. Super Mighty Mega Ben. He did the same stuff, but his name now had super AND mighty. His greatest enemy was an evil clone of himself known as Super Mighty Mega Ben of Doom. Notice the doom. So in the near future, I added SMM on to everything. I first used the name Smmbod on my webkinz account :blush:. I loved the word SMMBOD, and everyone thought it was like Somebody (Smmbody?)

So now other info about me. I am Smmbod, but my real name is Ben. That's B-E-N. I am now 14 and live in the U.S.A. Woo. My interests include Minecraft, Chickens, Farming, Swimming, and Potatoes. That's an interest right? Minecraft is self-explanatory, but some people don't seem to understand chickens and farming.

My family got 8 chickens about 3 years ago. There really was no reason, not out of necessity or anything. We have a large yard and the town I live in is a very small farming community, but we never farmed much. So we got chickens. There was a group called 4-H in our town, and they seemed to fit what we were interested in. As avid gardeners, we joined them, started a community garden, and every year since 2010 we have given lots of *cough* yummy *cough* vegetables to the local food drives and shelters. They also gave us a great way to show our chickens just for fun at fairs. Lot's of winning.

So swimming? Why that? I don't compete or take classes or anything, but I learned to swim easily and loved it, so I swim laps on my own time to exercise. Yay water!

I like potatoes, but that's explained in a previous blog. Long story short: they are good.

So... because I can't think of anything, I am going to say something witty... something witty. Wasn't that funny? Woo!

So bye everyone! Thanks for reading a little bit into the life of me! Bye bye now!

~Smmbod :D


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