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no money, mo problems

k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me


Hey Guys,

I promised ye blog updates regularly, and nopony breaks a pinkie promise.

So, as some of ye know from the title, the issue I currently have is money, and college requires quite a large amount. Money that I currently do not possess nor my parents. Most things are fine, the registration fee of €2,250 is covered by the grant I will be receiving and since I will be living at home the additional grant money of €2,500 which is spread over the first 2 semesters can go towards things that I want and/or need. The main thing I need is a laptop. Now, the thing about me is I don't see a point in buying new things unless they are in fact an upgrade from what I currently have and the fact that it NEEDS to last at least the duration of the course. I was looking at a large amount of laptops (not far off everything available in Ireland) and couldn't find anything that could satisfy what it would be used for currently, not to mind 3-4 years from now when I complete the course. Now, yes, there were good laptops there, The fact that my current PC is a Gaming PC easily capable on managing current gen games on med to high quality, I am not going to spend €700-€800 euro on a laptop that will basically be garbage 6 months down the line if not already. Therefore, I looked into custom laptops by origin (my eyes still burn). Here is the Specs that I picked out and the price that followed.


Intel Core i7 3820QM Quad-Core Processor (2.70GHz), 8MB Cache

Single 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 7970M (2GB of Total GFX)

16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz (4 X 4GB)

80GB Intel 310 Series - Solid State mSATA Drive (on which the operating system will be installed (Jamie's idea of course))

750GB SATA 3.0Gb/s, 7200RPM, 16MB Cache HDD

Integrated High-Definition Audio with THX TruStudio Pro and up to 7.1 Channel support (the lowest, cheapest one)

Everything else I left on its original setting as there was nothing else major, things such as wifi, 2.0 megapixel webcam and other stuff that is installed anyway on most laptops including this one. The thing I don't get, is that it has a fingerprint scanner (I'm not the friggin CIA, but I still cant remove it to save money -_-).

all and all, the price was $2,582/€2,055 without additions such as 3 year warranty and part replacement for $200 ish (which is needed for a laptop at this price) and the, what was it, $108 delivery charge!!!! I live in Ireland, not mars! Are you not charging enough?

I was considering about how will I purchase this laptop, most likely would have to take out a loan as I simply need a good computer that would last at least 4 years, can play high end games for most of that and the fact that the Course is Computing with Games Development, there would be a large amount of multitasking with Games Design, Computer Graphics, Animation, Web Design, Digital Video Production, among others.

I pondered for a moment........


I have now decided that the best thing to do is build a better Gaming PC xD which all in all is a little over half the price with better specs all across the board xD (just without the fingerprint scanner (although not needed is pritty cool :P)) I will also buy a decent laptop for the basic grunt work (microsoft office and stuff like that (and Minecraft of course)) that I can get done between classes at college while the Heavy work and gaming can get done at home on my soon to be epicer PC.

Here are the parts that I may be getting...

Asus Intel Ultimate Bundle - a large possibility that I may upgrade to 32GB of RAM within a year (if not 64GB which the motherboard can take xD squeeeee) :P

Asus ATI Radeon 7970 HD 1010Mhz 3GB PCI-e 3.0

Coolmaster Full Tower Case


The best thing is I can pay for these parts as I have the money, and better parts could be out by then for the same price. Since the major stuff really only starts in the 2nd semester (after January), I can get a Laptop for about, ehhh €500 ish and that will do the trick for the early assignments and other work with office over the 3-4 years. Also, if I want to upgrade whenever, I don't have to throw out the whole PC :lol:


Not much happened other than me PC hunting other than my friends dog died :( I know, it was my friends, but bane (that's what the dog was named) was awesome and was just a puppy. Wasn't even my friends fault that bane died. An old couple sprayed rat poison and never put a sign up to warn people who often walk with their dogs along that way. 4 other dogs died because of it....

Last thing before I leave ye, Have ye heard about Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros? If not watch the video below in spoiler! It looks better in 320p in this video than blue-ray movies :L



Anyway, Thanks for reading guys. I'll be sure to update whenever I can xD


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