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Nearly a year?



Hey everyone! Did you know, that um... I'VE BEEN ON JR FOR NEARLY A YEAR? Time sure flies, eh? Well, in one year I have accomplished administrative access, and love this title! Now, I don't expect any gifts... (JK! GIVE ME YO DIAMONDS FOOLS! OR FACE THE WRATH OF MY SPAM ATTACK OF LIGHTNING!!) but, I do need 1 favor: I need a reason to be on JRCraft again. I've sadly lost interest in playing on the server, and need some inspiration! Anyone have ideas? I don't like playing TF2 all the time to ditch my admin jobs. But I can't help it, the server has lost my interest. So please, someone, got any bright ideas?

Oh! Almost forgot, I joined September 20th 2011. I'll try to be on that day to get all my congrats! ALL OF THEM!


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