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Well originally...



This was supposed to be a blog about coming back to JR and why I've been gone.

But looks like y'all gotta wait a week. Ive been grounded from my computer for a week because of me forgetting to get water to a chicken, which he should expect by now, I am forgetful as hell. I barely remember to put them out and in during the morning and night. Honestly this wouldn't bother me (well besides ban from computer) but it did today because of what he said about me doing it.

"I was trying to force you to share an interest with me..."

Am I the only one who'd be annoyed by that statement as a teenager from his parent? I'm sorry but I do. I didn't say anything about this, being good with some willpower, but that just irritates me. I've tried sharing interests with him, but I just can't enjoy them.

Watching football games, woodworking, dog agility(I did enjoy it but he just started getting on my back about it all the time) and golf. And golf is only when my brother-in-law comes up. Never once has he shared an interest with me. Never. Never tried one of my things.

So this is my message ab

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