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My inactivity



Hey guys,

Alright, I've said it about a hundred times, and I'll say it again officially. I'm really inactive on the minecraft server as of now.

Now, if you're asking why, it's because I'm just so busy during the weekdays with homework and school, that I don't even do anything else on weekdays but work. It's just so annoying to not be able to come on every other day at least and catch up with everything on JR Craft. Every Friday, I tell my friends "I'm WAY behind you with what you're building there."

Luckily, I'm able to be active on the forums every day (posting about 20 times regularly). And I get on JRtekkit every weekend.

Anyway guys, I'm just throwing it out there for the people who don't know yet. You'll be seeing me here a lot more than on Jr Craft/tekkit.




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