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New Blog! (Teacher Trolling)



I decided to make a separate blog for my life, because it's started to be interesting! These will be REAL events! Not made up! This blog is ONLY for what goes on in life, and not in Minecraft! So, let's begin!

Teacher Trolling

So, this year in school is kind of depressing. I'm not having fun, thinking of home school, all that stuff, because it sucks. So, how to make it bearable? Troll the teacher legally! So, one of my classes is music. You sit there, be quiet, play on a synthesizer for 45 minutes (playing songs the teacher assigned) and have to pass a certain level of songs in order to get a passing grade. Stupid, right? So, being the kind person am I, accidently started trolling the teacher. So, to get to the building to the music room, you have to exit outside, but no many students move buildings at that time. Now, if the door closes, it locks. Then you have to press a buzzer, and the office attended gets upset, etc. So, I started holding open the door for EVERYONE coming into the building. It's the right thing to do! But, I was late for class doing that. So one day, me and my friend were holding the doors open (there's more than one) walk into class, and guess who teleports behind us like an enderman after a diamond block? The stickler teacher, Mrs. MeanyFaceMusicTeacher of course! Yay! So, she's all like, "Why you guys late?" And we're all like, "We were holding open the doors into the building." Now, her face, priceless! We were doing a good thing, and she had no way to punish us for it! So, what does she do? She says this:,"How were you holding it open?" "For everyone." "You can't do it like that! You hold open for the person behind you, and continue to class." So, next do, guess what we DON'T do? What she says. So, next do, all up in our grill, she's like, "Why you late?" "Holding open the door." "Didn't I tell you not to do that?" "Well, you see, if I hold open the door for the person behind me, the person behind me won't hold open the door for the person behind them. So, it's easier to hold it open for everyone!" Well, guess what Mrs. I'mToSelfishToCareAboutOthers says? "You're only responsible for yourself." BOOM! Dafuq? Someone never learned to care for others! So, near the end, funniest thing happens. "Would you like to talk to the principal about it?" Guess what our hero Iggy says? "Yes." BOOM! Headshot! Burned! You just got caught mining bedrock with your fist Mrs. NotSoSmartTeacherLady! It ends with me free for the day, and my friend with a detention. He gave a different excuse for being late because he doesn't want to get in trouble. Telling the truth IS the a good idea! Who'd a thought? So, the battle still wages to this day, but hopefully I get to talk to the principal so I can miss class, and watch the teacher's face red and embarrassed. I mean, who punishes someone for holding open the door? I mean, really? So, I'm basically trolling! I'm annoying her, but there's nothing she can do! I know she hates me now, because she KNOWS I'm smarter than her! I can't wait for our next confrontation! No matter what, I'm going to win one way or another! THIS I SWEAR!

EDIT: I lost, dammit. The principal will let me hold open the door, as long as I'm not late for music. So, I lost. Oops. Oh well, I still have OTHER great stories to tell! Wow! Amazing! ERMERGD! HACKS!


This is an awful shool year this year. Why? And how do I make it better?



Recommended Comments

That was the most amazing thing I have evar read. EVAR! But here's the funny part, This awful Mrs. I'mTooSelfishToCareAboutOthers was assigned the job of holding the door open for ALL the kids, because this specific door locks as soon as it closes, unlike all the other doors. But guess what? One day after that, she isn't outside. It is raining dogs, cats, and other wildlife, and guess where Mrs. I'mTooSelfishToCareAboutOthers was? In her room, typing on her computer. She came in 30 min early everyday after that, and never held the door ONCE. Just a funny story.

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I remember that Mrs. Imtooselfishtocareaboutothers yelled at me for playing different, more fancy songs like Star Wars on the synthesizer instead of Yankee Doodle :/

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