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Good Intentions Sit on the Wall



Remember when I said I was going to post about how school is this year? I lied. You see, people do that. They lie. But not ALL the time. I'll tell you about that soon, but later. That's the theme for this story; people can lie, but that doesn't mean they always do. So, here's the story:

It's third grade. My teacher was sick, so we had a substitute. If we stayed inside for the recess, we could make the real teacher some get well soon cards. So, after lunch, me, one of my classmates, Dakota, and I walk down to our classroom; one problem, the teacher is a no show! I later learned we had to wait in the lunch for the teacher to come get us, but what can I say? It was third grade, we're not smart. So, teacher's not there, we go back to the lunch room, so we can head out for recess. We walk out the door, onto the playground, only to be stopped a teacher. Now, this was one of those jerk teachers no one liked. I think the only reason she stopped us, was because I was with Dakota, who was a trouble maker of a student. So, she stops us, and asks, "Why are you guys late for recess." Dakota (Who was good at talking to adults) says, "Our teacher was sick, so we went down to her room to make some get well soon cards. But the sub wasn't there, so we came back here." If I were alone, and was stopped, that would have worked. But no, BECAUSE teachers are really stereotypical people, if a problem student acts suspicious in ANY WAY, they're in trouble. So, I don't completely remember what she said, because it was a long time ago, but it was something like this, "No, you went down to your teacher's room, goofed off in there while your teacher wasn't in, then came back her to enjoy recess! You two are are to stand next to the wall for all of recess to think about what you've done." It was this very moment, that made me DESPISE this teacher for being so thick and stupid as to not believe the world of a 3rd grader. Not even CONSIDER it was the truth. Anyway, 'The Wall' was this stupid punishment idea where'd you have to stand next to it, and stand there for as long as you've been told. I think the reason they did this was so that they could easily monitor you and the rest of the playground, and so you could sit there and watch while everyone else had fun. Talk about child abuse right there. I was lucky to have worn my head that day, because I put it over my face, and cried my brains out at this. What kind of heartless soul does this? None other than 3rd grade teachers! Of course, Dakota sat there like it was nothing, because, she was used to this kind of treatment. But not me, no, I was a goody two shoes. I never broke rules, never got less than a B- (Or 3, because they used a different grading system in Elementary. 4 was A, 3 was B, C was 2, D was 1, and F was 0. I think this was so kids didn't cry at grades or something.) So, this sitting on the wall thing, was kind of unreal. So, imagine this: A 3rd grader, leaning on a wall, hood over their face, making crying sounds, forced to sit there while everyone else had fun and never cared for that kid. It's heart breaking! If I saw that, I'd run over, punch that teacher in the face, tell the kid to have fun, and sue the school for creating such an awful treatment to kids! ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS MAKE A 'Get Well Soon!' CARD! IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ADORABLE WITH IT'S BAD GRAMMAR AND SLOPPY HAND WRITING!!!!

And that's why, whenever you hear someone say, "Stay in school kids!" Don't believe that. They were paid to say that.


How does someone without a speaking conscious, NOT do bad things?

FIND OUT IN THE NEXT POST ON: 'In the Life of Iggy: Conspiracy Theism'


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I actually think I remember that... I remember a lot from terrible school stuffs, like I think back at those certain moments and think to myself, "Oh God Why." I agree about punching someone in the face. I feel that way a lot in band with the annoying/intalented people behind me.

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