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The life of k3v_o - 5/10/2012

k3v_o - Bringer of Dark Me


Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven't been active for the last month outside of the forums, but I have been busy with college. It has been about 3 weeks now in my first year of Games Dev and I am loving it. So far the work is quite easy since I have basic knowledge of Web Design and Programming but the days are long and exhausting. Every morning I'm up at 7am, leave home at 8am and start class at 9am, then don't finish until 4-5pm. It's not the classes that are tiring, but the 2-3 hour breaks in between the one or two classes that we do have each day, and since I don't live in Tralee (the town where I go to college), I have nothing to do for long periods. Also the grant hasn't come in yet so I have no money to hang out with my friends most nights.

I have gotten to know my class quite well and was surprised to see so many of my old classmates from my PLC last year going to college there also. On orientation day I walked into the room that the first lecture was on and looked up to the top of the room to see all of them lined up along the almost the entire back row waving down at me.... I found it strange that not one of them got to know anyone outside of us within the class while I got to know 3 people doing games dev just by sitting down waiting in the lobby... I knew I was sociable, but more so than half my class last year? I also joined 2 college societies, M.A.G. (Manga, Anime and Games) and Sci-Fi. As you probably guessed, they are both made up of mostly the same people... Those people being crazy awesome gamer geeks like meeeee!!! xD I'll try and lure as many as possible onto JR >_>..... <_< But they are possible the most sociable, coolest people out of the whole college 0_o I know, when did us geeks (outside ye guys) become cool? And not just them, but I have gotten to know so many people in the 3 weeks there it is crazy... even just going outside for a cigarette I meet someone new.

Anyway... outside of college not much is happening... Have watched a lot of anime lately, mainly Bleach which is awesome. I haven't played many games outside of borderlands though (I know, strange of me). So if anyone knows any games to check out (preferably a RPG on PC) then link me up downstairs.

Anyway, thanks for reading xD


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