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Farm Girls are Lazy



Okay, so, let me introduce meh crew. There's Smmbod, bestest friend of mine. Yahoby, bestest pal of mine. Sharkhead17, friend, but not bestest. Shark has a broken computer, so you never see him. Anyway, there was this field trip we had to go to: A farm. So, me, Yahoby, and Shark are doing some stuff. Pulling tarp of a field for reasons I don't know. So, we're pullin this tarp very slow like. Then, from the other end of the field, some girls from our school coming running over to another row of trap, instead helping with our row. They 'attempt' to pull at the tarp, but it doesn't lift, even though it looked pretty easy to pull from the ground. So, they call for help! Who comes in? Pretty much any guy not doing anything comes over to assist. The guys do all the work, while the girls just stand around and 'encourage' them. My friends and I stand there while looks on our faces that say, "What. The. Heck. Is. Wrong. With. Society!?!

I know I promised another one, but I'll do that one later. You know what? No more of that Next time stuff. I can't make promises easily :\


Recommended Comments

I was hoping you'd make a blog post about this XD. What made it even worse, is that at first glance, they almost looked like they were "participating". Cheering on others! What a great way to build teams! LIES! IT IS ALL LIES! But the teachers don't believe that. They complemented the girls for their positive attitude. (Which, in a sense, might have been useful. No one was enjoying this >_<. But they didn't actually do work at all.) I didn't actually feel like I was doing anything to feed the hungry... the other group got to PICK EDIBLE BEANS!!! What person wants to eat tarp? We found the occasional *cough* yummy *cough* looking squash, but they were... ahem... squashed. By the end, the tarps looked sad and torn up from us rushing. But the girls who didn't help just aren't nice people... at lunch, shark had a sandvich that looked like something jelly like. So I asked: "Jelly or jam?" To him. Then I ask Iggy and Yahoby their preference on spreadable fruit sauces. So after I say "jelly or jam?" for the 4th time, a girl behind me named Jillian "scolds" me and says: "Hey! Would you stop saying that? I think you're saying my name!" We just facepalm. So that's my story and you may lay to that!

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