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Lies and Bull****.



I've come to a realization recently. I realized exactly what is wrong with the economy of the United States.

See everyone is now going to college, because they have been told their entire life that they absolutely have to have a college degree in order to obtain a job. True? False. With so many people in America now possessing college degrees, they refuse to work at minimum wage - they went to college, so they have to be better than that. Well businesses look at that and just rofl. Literally.

So they take jobs out of the US and send them to other places, which makes perfect sense. There are two ways to make more money than you currently are: [1] increase the cost of your product/service and [2] reduce the cost it takes to make your product/provide your service.

So now there are more and more college degree holding Americans that aren't able to find employment, or pay back the money they had to borrow just to get said degree.\

So why do I care about this? I am in my third semester at my college, and I'm not doing well at all. In fact I am almost certain that come December I will have failed out and not be coming back. As it is (because of how poorly I did last year, during both semesters) I cannot withdraw from any classes, nor fail anything. If I do, my financial aid ends and I have to 'reestablish myself at the University at my own cost'. (Taken straight from the University's Financial Aid office.

Yes, because I clearly had money to do this to begin with... -_- Morons.

Back to my original point - if by some miracle or act of God (or whatever higher spiritual being you believe in (if Atheist, just replace 'God' with 'Nature')) I manage to not fail after this semester, I don't want to come back. My mistake was that instead of getting proficient job training, I went to a College, where I've been (supposedly) taught about the arts, and being a good citizen, and all that bull.

If I continue down this path (money notwithstanding), I will have a massive amount of debt (I still have a big debt as it stands, but it would get much bigger if I keep going), and most likely, no job.

So I think I know what I'm going to do instead. But I'm not going to share that just yet, as its just a thought at the moment... if it happens, I will write a bit about it though.


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Your first time at a job you can't expect to be pocketing a thousand a week just because you have a degree. Much of the time (not all of the time) you will be working for what seems like very little for the skills that you have. If you refuse to take a close to minimum wage job, just because you think your worth more, then you don't deserve the job because they will find someone who is just as good willing to take it. The first few months at a job an employer can actually see if you are worth it or not then may give you a rise after that... If it is simply the fact that you need money, take the job but keep looking elsewhere to see if there is one with better pay and working conditions.

Also college is the best place to learn the unnecessary skills you need to become what you want.... Without the skills the you won't hold the job.... Try becoming a doctor with no degree or experience.... you won't be there long.

You don't always need a degree but you will need excellent references to back up your experience.

There is one really good thing that we have done in Ireland and that is Springboard. For people on the dole, they can get jobs with very little experience and gain the skills needed for that sector over however many months it lasts. Usually 6-12 months. Many of the time able to get a job out of it if they are seen as capable enough. Problem is it is only 50 euro on top of the dole.

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