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This Might be GoodBye



Hello once again, it is I, IgbarX. I think this might be goodbye. I can't seem to play on JR anymore. I can't help it, but, after losing admin permission, I felt like I had lost my whole life. It was my life, those hours I spent, those bragging rights I had, all lost down the drain. It reminds me of the old days; no one cared for being staff, no one would TRY and earn it, or devote their whole life on JR for it. If you got promoted, it was like, "Whoa, dude, great job. You get to slap people and get god mode and stuff." Life was great back then. If only I could go back to those times, when being JR was a meaning in life. When I could goof around, not a care in the world. But industry got in the way. "More members!" We cried. If someone was banned, it was a big deal. It was a tight knit community, where everyone pretty much knew everyone. But now, only 1% of people who first join actually stay and do stuff. And only 1% of those get staff. So, really important thing here; DO NOT TRY TO EARN STAFF. IT WAS NOT MADE TO MAKE YOU FEEL SPECIAL; IT WAS FOR THOSE WHO TRULY DESERVE IT. For the the time I have been staff, one big problem that I HATED were people giving me sob stories about, "Being here for so long! I deserve staff! I've worked for it my whole life!" Think about. JR was not made to give you a job you DO NOT deserve; it was made for playing MC with friends. And right now, I feel like I've lost all my friends. They're banned; they left; they don't have time; I feel alone. The only reason to come on at all is to work. Nothing but work. Not even pay work; (which should not change at any rate); just volunteer work, that I'm not cut out for. In truth, I'm too young for a real working job.

Now, I know we've been trying to keep our members and everything; but it's those STUPID IDIOTS of society who ruin it. For example: First day tekkit server came out, it was amazing. But, SOME people gotta go and ruin it for everything! Pretty much ANYTHING in tekkit that helps with mining is banned. I mean, it's called MINEcraft. You just took away half the reason people play tekkit. Also, with the pvp server, well, that attracted the wrong kind of people. Pretty much everyone who is there is a huge noob who calls everyone a hacker because they suck too much at MC to kill anyone.

Long story short; I'm leaving. I've lost reason. I'm depressed. I'm not in a good place in life right now, and well, being on JR enough is too much. I might log in now and then, might say something or other on the forums, but I won't be doing as much stuff anymore. I don't deserve my position, and most of all I don't deserve to be taking up a space in staff that someone else MIGHT be able to use. I really wanted to stay, but I simply can't. Also, I know I've said this MANY times before, but, this time, I MEAN IT. I need to be demoted. I'm serious. Not demoted to helper, not to gold, but to citizen. I DO NOT deserve mod, and I guess I don't deserve admin either.

Goodbye JR,

This is Iggy,

Signing out for good.



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This is horrible, first Tim, then one of the energetic staff members that keep JR alive.

Good bye Iggy, you will never be forgotten. And I know you probably won't, but I hope you one day reconsider this.


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Why are there so many people leaving? This seriously depresses me. Though I seriously should be thinking about how you feel, tons of people (including me) still consider you to be a friend. It pains me to see you leaving, but goodbye. (Until you come back, I know you will eventually.)

P.S. I'm still going to randomly join you when you're playing TF2 :P

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:( I'll miss you Iggy ... JR won't really be the same without you... even though I can play TF2 with you whenever I want and I can still... you know... see you in real life, but It still will feel different knowing that you won't be there. Literally everything I've learned about minecraft came from you. You're the reason I started playing it of course... to be honest, there needs to be one of you on the staff team, just to keep the server alive, as Alex said. You were probably the craziest staff member, but also one of the easiest to relate to and most likable... you made everything fun, and gave life to an already life-filled server. But I suppose I can understand. Whenever one neglects (for lack of a better term) a duty of any kind, it always tugs at the back of your mind. You don't fully want to go back, but you know it would be the right thing to do. But that's why it's wrong. Being a staff member is a huge privilege and an honor, but it is by no means a required thing. You aren't a staff member because you have to be, you are a staff member because you are good enough to support and help a cause, whatever it may be. I know I should probably say I hope you come back, but in truth, I don't fully want that. If you were to come back, I don't think your heart would be in it enough. So I'm sure, on behalf of everyone at JR, I'd like to thank you for everything you've done for us.


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I'm gonna miss not seeing you on when I don't get on because I'm as inactive as you.

At least we still have Fimfiction chat.

And the fact I can relay messages to you through Smmbod...

And Steam...

Still gonna miss ya.

~Munomana (moo-noh-mah-nah)

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Adios igamos

I'll always remember the times as citizens when I brought you into my tower like a lost puppy, the several other times you tried quitting... The giant shrooms. You know what I mean.

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