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I'm Back!




After a Long struggle of 6 weeks with Indian workers, we managed to make them hit a few buttons and get our Internet back.

Now I will be very active on Jr, and will be releasing my custom map after a little bit of Bug testing! (I'm finished!) (please support me!)

I have a few things to do that I didnt do before (but I said I would):

-Remake my arcade! It'll be in the world made for arenas and games, where people cant give themselves loot like they did in the creative world. Also, I've designed two different clocks that will power my games that are 100% Lag-free!

-I will build my museum (with the help of others of course :P) that will show people all the different features of Jr! (Prepare to learn!)

-I will remake Empire Estates and revive Ponyville!


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