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Funny Little Thing



So this morning I had been mulling over what I was going to post in my blog since I was in a blogging mood. I had this rant about this and that and all these things. That has changed. I got home and decided on going for a bike ride, being the nice day it was, rode about, down the road... good 5 miles or so and I get back from that, took a shower, got out feeling great came down and opened my lap top and decided to play Borderlands 2 (as I am addicted to that game) and I turn on my iPod and notice that I had a missed call from Jamie so I open it and notice it had all the staff members. I was confused and I knew i couldn't attend as I had to go out to the other building on our property (parents were watching football game there and wanted me to come and watch with them.) So I go out there *note it has internet just really bad internet* and I look again and scroll through and notice what people were saying.

You should know what I read.

It was like a hit to the gut... I just sat there, dumbfounded, I couldn't believe what I had just read.

At this point I just felt.. shocked thinking they were kidding or it was temporary. No it.. is for good. So now... well I know what is needed of me.

I realize I've continuously said I was going to get back into Minecraft and I've never done it. But I realize the admins and founders will need every ounce of help they can get and that's a responsibility I have to get as a moderator. So I'm sorry for my lack of being on but expect to see me more often helping out Barbermiss, Rstoy, Flaw, Peter, K3v and all the others. Please try and refer to Helpers first, than Moderators and Admins final. We're all here for a reason. Everything that applied when Jamie was here will still apply so please continue following them!

Remember! Have fun!



P.s.- Remember, try not to put too much pressure on the admins! We want to keep them happy and unstressed as possible!

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I was actually in the process of PLAYING Borderlands when Chris sent me a link on steam. I was having a good day, sleeping in until around 1, but this just made my jaw drop. Like really. My mouth was hanging open for around twenty seconds.

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