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Staff Age limit?



Hey guys,

So I recently learned that there was a newly-added age limit to the new staff, which I find pretty useless. I know there was a topic somewhere to dicuss it, but I can't find it :P ... Anyways, I know Joe_JRN, Zolacolor, and a bunch of others proved that age didn't show how mature you were. I find that instead of this useless method, staff should get to know people, and come ask them to be staff like in the old days, instead of just anyone asking to be helper after 2 months of playing on Jr.

For example, many admins know me, and usually think Im 16 or 17 by the way I act, speak and look. And I'm turning 15 in a week. But that didnt stop me from spending 10 months on Jr, working to keep it a happy place when the staff wasnt there, like breaking up arguments and fights, helping with greifs and giving people help when they were having trouble registering. I activated my citizen+ thinking I could apply, but I was deceived when I heard about this. So all I'm asking for is for you guys to rethink and reconsider this rule, so that Jr could be a fair place.

By the way, what does citizen + give you that normal citizen doesnt have??


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