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My PVP Arena and some other stuff



I've been building my PVP arena, The Temple for a loong while right now (Well I've been really lazy so yeah) and I want to share some of my ideas.

The arena is in the creative world at the moment, as well.

So here's how the battle goes:

Each player will get an enchanted Iron Sword and a full set of Diamond Armor. The enchantments are pretty much random, so luck has a pretty big role in the game. However, the player will also get an enchanted Bow with 20 arrows as well as two Steaks, a potion of Healing and two Cobwebs which can be used to slow the player down if placed "perfectly". But that's not all: the both players will get their own Pig and a Carrot on a Stick. It'll be hopefully pretty funny to see two players with enchanted diamond armor riding Pigs and fighting each other. There will be lots of soul sand in the arena as well.

Opinions? Any ideas?

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