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The Adventures of Ig and Arm (Pt. 2!)



So I introduced ig to Planetside 2, and we went out and got crazy. Yup. We took it upon ourselves to take helicopters... Tanks... Basically anything we could both drive and started driving into battles... Maybe I'd take out one enemy and than crash the copter/ditch the tank.

The best thing we did was when I got the wrong copter and picked the one ment for 12 people... Let's just say I has trouble flying it. I landed to pick up ig and 4 other people and as I took off I informed them of my lack of experience with this particular aircraft which got me the result of 'oh gosh!' and this thing was like flying a beached whale. Was slow as hell, didn't turn for crap so as I flew us into battle I took heavy fire. Luckly this thing could sustain a lot of damage, but it still rocked the copter so I attempted to land while shake and as I got to ground I was rocked hard enough to flip and effectly crash the copter. So ig and I got four wheelers and charged into battle and got destroyed again. Yeah... That happened..




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Wait wait wait wwwwaaaiiittttt.... this is a prt 2? Where's prt 1? And why am I in this?!?! I have my name trademarked and copyrighted! You can't use it without my permission because I said so!11!!!


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