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Chris Da Biker


Welcome to all of you 1 people who are reading this!


This is my new blog. Every week (Or whenever I catch the time), I will play an indie game and try to film. It might not be very regular, what with all of my schoolwork and whatnot, but I will try. Anyway, you can post suggestions for games to play in the comment section! Remember! No major game productions!

Thanks for reading!



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Sounds cool! I know it's not an indie game, yet try playing Cobalt! I suppose Mojang is indie, yet at Minecon Notch said he didn't consider it indie, and if you did, Valve would also be indie. So, play Cobalt (also, it's only 9$)

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Thanks for the suggestions, guys, though I think I will start with the Binding of Isaac. I checked it out, and it looks amazing. Also I have very low funds :/

But I get donations from thepiratebay.se if you know what I mean :P

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