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YouTube, School, and News!



blog-0329270001354390000.pngHey guys!

Since my last blog post, I've been playing on JR a lot more, that's good. I was even able to attend the staff meeting, so I could catch up on some of the new info. Since Minecon, I haven't been able to play on JR much since there are tests at school... I'm revising like mad for them.

December is a really hectic month right now (timetable below), so I probably won't be on much. Yet I can guarantee that after the 27th, you'll see more of me.

I've been working on a new YouTube channel, yet I won't be posting anything until the 27th. Please feel free to subscribe, I can guarantee quality content, since I'm (not really) OCD about that kind of stuff. I'm hoping to get a Blue Yeti microphone, so the sound quality will be awesome.




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Tell me about them damn exams.... I've been revising non-stop for them for the past 2 weeks...

And today is the first day!!! Gaahhhhh!!

For those who didn't understand, we go to the same school, so same problems... Damn sadistic teachers.

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No to what?

No to going out with parents,Be independent.I had exams this week I was stressed so much didn't stud, bloodshot eyes everyday and no breakfast. I was puzzled. I then realised these exams arn't to stress myself but are for me to do my BEST .

EDIT:This might be the worst advice I ever Gave.

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The only thing I could say no to is going to England, and I want to do that. Heidelberg is with the school, and I really want to go, I have to do the tests (and I've been revising a lot), and the rest is just... there. :P

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